Must Watch Boxsets & Movies in Lockdown

The UK lockdown has seen countless households cosying up with unwatched boxsets, but now that we are a couple of months in, you might be finding that your selection of things to watch is growing a bit thin. This list is here to inspire the direction of your next cinematic journey. Stay safe and stay indoors!

The Latest Shows and Films

If you have yet to see HBO’s greatest hits, then now is the time to settle down and enjoy some of the shows that have had a huge influence on pop-culture in the last decade. With the conclusion to Game of Thrones now complete, it’s possible for you to watch the series end-to-end, but there are plenty of other options available, including BBC’s Downton Abbey and Line of Duty.

In one of our previous blogs, we wrote about the Most Anticipated Films of 2020. If you haven’t seen all of these yet, you might want to use that blog as a checklist to make sure that you’re at the cutting edge of 2020’s best entertainment. We also have a list of the films we were most excited to see in 2019 for you to look over if you’re feeling really outdated.

Catch Up on Old Favourites

We’ve all ended up dropping a series we liked for one reason or another – maybe life got in the way – but now could be the time for you to catch up. Once you’re up to date, you can join in the conversation with friends and family without fear of spoilers.

For fans of huge enterprises such as Star Wars or Marvel, the lockdown could offer these fans the chance to understand these universes on a deeper level.

Relive Your Favourite Books

You’d be surprised by how many books have been converted into a BBC drama series or film at some point, and if you’ve got a lot of time then now might be your chance to investigate and re-live your favourites! You might want to avoid the ones on our list of The Worst Book to Film Adaptations of All Time, though.

Disney Marathons

When everything else is watched and tired, getting the Disney collection out can provide endless hours of entertainment. These timeless classics can be enjoyed by your whole family, and the energetic animation is sure to bring smiles all round.

When planning a Disney marathon, there are plenty of different options you could take. Watching your collection in chronological order, for example, will provide you with a new perspective on the journey of Disney’s animation techniques as well as their story telling devices.

Alternatively, you could prioritise the films based on the season they are set in. You might enjoy watching Moana’s sunny setting more in the heat of summer and saving Frozen for a colder spell.

If you’re a fan of the arts, you could also organise your viewing habits based on the art style of each film. Many people agree that the days of Disney’s hand-drawn animations contained more interesting flourishes than the modern CGI films.

There’s also no shame in watching whichever film takes your fancy – Disney has a film for everyone and every feeling, so it’s the perfect remedy if you’re feeling a bit down.

You’ve Been Framed!

When you’re missing your family, it can be nice to re-watch your old home movies and remember the great holidays you’ve spent together. Preserving memories through the power of video is incredibly important, and the ability to watch them back can be very fulfilling and emotional.

Re-watching videos of those good times might also give you some inspiration for future holidays. It’s important to stay positive during the lockdown and making plans for all the exciting things you’ll do afterwards can keep your spirits up.

If you have an old stash of home movies on video tapes, then you might want to consider updating them to a set of DVDs to preserve their quality and enable you to ditch the VHS player without losing anything.

Our video to DVD transfers will ensure that your old content will continue to be viewable in the years to come, and you’ll be able to watch it on modern equipment. You can even watch DVDs on laptops and computers, or take advantage of our video to MP4 transfer services, which mean that it will be easier for you to share those moments with your young ones.