Composers of Famous Movie Scores: Part 1

A lot of things truly make a movie; the techniques used by the director, the choice of cast members and setting. But one thing that really brings movies to life is the music. Some of the most famous movies in the world are recognised by their breathtaking score.

A movie without music lacks life and lustre, but films with beautifully composed music exist as the most memorable, and their composers are recognised through their individual instrumental techniques. Here is a list of the most influential composers in the movie world and their unmistakable sounds that have brought the genre of classical music to the forefront of popular culture.

Movie Flops That Became Culture Classics

There are a lot of movies out there that have flopped on release, and even though these movies still raked in hundreds of thousands of pounds, if not millions in the box office, they still acquired that box-office bust status. But however unsuccessful they were at the time, these films are now considered by many as being cult classics.

Whether a movie flops because of poor marketing or bad timing, judging by the popularity of the following films, they must have made up the numbers that were lost in numerous TV screenings, video and DVD sales.

The Best of Batman: The Greatest Batman Movies Ever Made

As the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice draws even closer, we’ve taken the time to look back at some of our all time favourite Batman movies. These live action movies have been keeping us entertained for years – a couple of them more so than others.

After a lot of thinking, we’ve picked a selection of our personal favourites – are any of these on your list?

Hotly Anticipated Films of 2016

Some fantastic films graced our cinema screens in 2015, but with the turn of the New Year we now have several feature films due to be released in a plethora of genres to feed our fancies. Disney have unleashed their fair share of teaser trailers for sequels, live action remakes and completely new animations, but there have been a few other announcements for films that re-visit movie worlds that we thought had disappeared in the film archives.