Composers of Famous Movie Scores: Part 2

Music in film connects directly to your emotions, heightening your senses and creating an environment of terror, awe, nostalgia, and much more. The right music for the right film can induce anxiety, shivering, and sorrow. You wouldn’t expect a horror film to have happy, upbeat music, as it would detract from the atmosphere.

Composers do just that, becoming famous due to their extraordinary ability to take images and pair them with beautiful sound. We’ve previously looked at three of the best movie score composers, and we will now look at three more that have mastered the art of music.


How Does a Video Camera Work?

Video cameras are one of the best ways to capture some of your most treasured memories, such as your child’s first steps, your wedding ceremony, or a holiday that you want to remember forever. Because of this, if your video camera suddenly stops working, it’s definitely worth knowing how they work so that you can fix it to ensure your memories are kept safe.