5 Things We Don’t Miss About VHS

We’re pretty nostalgic about VHS tapes here at Video2DVD Transfers, but who isn’t?! VHS tapes are part of an era that saw a technology boom and, as we ditched the VHS tapes, we were also ditching cassette tapes and were just getting to grips with the internet. While we are nostalgic, there are certain things that we certainly don’t miss about VHS!


#1 – Having to Rewind a Whole Movie

Sure, watching the movie was great fun but, at the end, you would have to rewind through the whole movie so when you came to watch it again, you could watch it straight away. It really was a bore, and it was even worse if you were renting a tape, only to find that the person who watched previously hadn’t bothered to uphold VHS renting etiquette.

#2 – Accidentally Recording Over Something

We all loved being able to record our favourite TV shows or movies, but there was nothing worse than finding out that another family member had recorded over that series finale you hadn’t had a chance to watch yet with something like Match of the Day or Gardeners World.

#3 – The Sound of VHS Tapes Being Chewed Up

Having something recorded over is pretty horrifying but, surely, that crunching sound as the VHS player chewed up the tape was worse. Ejecting the tape to find a mess of tangled tape was always a sad moment, so we’re glad our DVDs don’t provide that problem!

#4 – Having to Devote Half Your House to VHS Storage

VHS tapes were incredibly chunky compared to the petite DVD and you couldn’t fit an awful lot on one tape – maybe a couple of episodes of your favourite show. If you were a film fanatic with a penchant for buying all your favourites on VHS, it could become pretty space consuming. These days, you can still enjoy the minimalist look whilst collecting all your favourite movies.

#5 – Deciding What to do With the Pile of Tapes When DVDs Came Along

DVDs brought with them a huge number of benefits, but one thing we were sad about was the fact that we had piles and piles of VHS tapes which were more or less redundant. Sure, we could have really done with regaining all that cupboard space, but binning your collection of Disney movies on VHS just didn’t seem right!

Thankfully, at Video2DVD Transfers, you don’t have to part with your old home videos on VHS, but you can still take back all that space! We can extract your home movies and transfer them to DVD so you don’t have to worry about losing all those happy memories.

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Classic Movies That Would Have Started A Franchise If Made Today

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