Bring Your Family Together Whilst in Lockdown

Lockdown can be tough on everyone, especially if you haven’t seen your loved ones for a while – and still can’t see them as much as you’d like. But it’s not impossible to feel close to your family during these challenging times.

Home videos, for example, can play a very important role in this, so take a look at how they can help bring the whole family together whilst in lockdown.

Home Videos Help When You’re Missing People

One of the great things of home videos is that your family can feel close to you by watching you and your kids on camera. Think about it; how would you like to receive a fun home video where your little cousins are playing around, or your parents are showing you how they’ve redecorated the living room?

While some lockdown measures have eased up and people are allowed to get together a little bit more than before, this is not possible for everyone. Whether because some of your family members live far away or they are high risk and should, therefore, still be in isolation, it’s important that you can still ‘be together’.

Home videos, then, are perfect for when you’re missing the most important people in your life – and when they’re missing you. While you can’t all be together physically, you can still be together in a different way.

Having Fun Together

Part of the government’s announcement on lockdown is that people can now meet in each other’s gardens – perfect for summer and BBQs! Social distancing is still in place, however, and people can’t get too close to one another; but you can certainly space out chairs in the garden or yard and watch a movie together.

Set up a screen and re-watch that family Christmas get-together you can never get enough of, or show everyone how much fun you had in your last holiday. The possibilities are endless.

Home Videos Can Help with Isolation

Watching home videos can not only bring everyone together, but it can also help older family members not to feel so lonely or isolated. A lot of your older relatives will likely be unable to travel to meet you and you may not have the chance to see them in person either – as we said, due to a lot of people being high risk, not every family is getting together.

This can lead to people feeling lonely, especially if they’re older and have no visitors. Isolation may be good for people’s physical health at the moment, but it can take a toll on our mental wellbeing. For this reason, you can send a home video with a message from you and your kids to their grandparents, for example, which can help them to feel closer to you.

If you have important news to tell them or you simply want to send them a few nice words on how much they mean to you, we’re confident that they will be ecstatic you thought of them and happy to be a part of your life even if they’re far away.

You Can Be at the Party

It can be very frustrating to miss important parties like birthdays. While events like weddings are being postponed at the moment, it’s impossible to do the same with a birthday.

If you, your partner or your children have birthdays coming up and you’re planning a nice little party, why not make a home movie so that your family can ‘attend’ the party too? Whether you stay home and celebrate with homemade cake, go to the park or take everyone for a bike ride, your family will be happy to see what you got up to and will be able to partake in that special day as well.

You Don’t Have to Miss a Thing

And it’s not just parties that people are missing out on at the moment, but also special events that can’t be repeated once lockdown is over and everyone can be together again in the same room. For instance, did you just welcome a new addition to the family?

If you have a new baby, it’s only natural that you’d want to show him or her to the rest of the family. With a home video, you can do just that. From the first bath to the first words or steps, your family doesn’t have to miss a thing.

This will help you to feel closer to them, just as they will feel closer to you as well.

Home videos can be wonderful gifts to keep people updated about what’s going on in your life, especially as we’re still in lockdown. If you wish to convert video to DVD to send to your family, no matter where they are in the world, we can help.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and we’ll be happy to discuss what you need.