MiniDVDs – Understanding What They Are

DVDs (also known as digital versatile discs) have been around for just over two decades and they are used in a variety of different ways, from storing your favourite films to storing your important computer and software files. However, since the invention of DVDs, there have been a few adaptations that are noticeably different, especially when it comes to size.

Here is what you need to know about MiniDVDs.

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The Limitations of VHS

VHS was a ground-breaking technology for its time. However, in spite of how it invented the home video experience, its limitations made it impossible to carry it over to modern times. When it comes to comparing it with DVD and Blu-ray technologies, analysing its main features is important.

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VHS: A Ground-breaking Technology

VHS, or Video Home System, was developed by Victor Company of Japan (JVC) in the 1970s. Before VHS, the Ampex VRX-1000 was the first commercially successful VTR introduced in 1956 by Ampex Corporation. With its exorbitant prices of USD$50,000 (more than $400,000 with 2016’s inflation), and USD$300 (over $2,000 with 2016’s inflation) for a 90 minute reel of tape, it was planned for the professional market.

VHS was introduced as a consumer friendly version that quickly took the market by storm. But what made VHS so successful?

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