How to Convert Your VHS to DVD the Easy Way

Many of us who grew up before the digital age have a library of home movies stored on VHS tapes. Here, we will tell you how to convert your VHS to DVD and the many benefits it has, including, one we have discussed before; to preserve your precious memories. Once you have found out how to convert your VHS to DVD, you can stop worrying about the original analogue tapes degrading and becoming unwatchable.

So, how easy is to convert video to DVD and why should you do it?

Rare and Valuable Types of VHS to Look Out For

It’s been a long time since most of us made the move from VHS to DVD. There are, however, several types of VHS tapes that can still fetch a pretty penny at auctions and beyond. So, if you’ve got a collection of VHS tapes that have been doing nothing besides gathering dust, it may be worth your while to rifle through them to see if any of your tapes fit into the following categories.