World Vegan Month: Top Vegan Films

The team at Video2DVD pride ourselves on being able to offer you a reliable and effective Mini DV to DVD service, as well as providing you with some handy tips to get the best out of your home videos. In between offering you these helpful articles, we think it’s important to take a little look at the world outside of home videoing and take a peek at what’s occurring around the globe.

2015 Keeps on Getting Better: Films That We Are Still Looking Forward To This Year

2015 has been a phenomenal year for movies. So far we’ve enjoyed fantastic films that we think will remain on top of our all time favourite list for a long time. This includes blockbusters such as Mad Max: Fury Road, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jurassic World, and Spectre.

We can’t see anything topping these movies but since we’re only just in November, there is still time for more to make their way onto our list.

2015 hasn’t failed to deliver yet and we’re excited to see what the remaining two months have in store for all us movie buffs. Here are just some of the films that are already on our ‘must watch’ list.

Saving Video One Incident at a Time


How many times during your VCR life did you hear that terrible crinkling noise and leap to recover your beloved film from the player, only for a battle to ensue? How many times has retrieving your video tape turned into a full blown rescue mission?

Too many, it would seem.

The miraculous advancements of technology has meant we’re able to successfully transfer our beloved VHS to DVD, saving home movies from a number of unpleasant and potentially irreparable issues.




Transferring Videos to DVD

 There have been plenty of incidences where a video has been sent into the great beyond of the video player only to find itself a hostage of cogs and coils. This has been the case of many favourite videos. Despite their hard casings, the VHS is so fragile that video players were constantly eating tapes which, ultimately, ruined your favourite movie for good.

We’re sure you remember the devastation of fighting to pull out your video, unreeled tape trailing behind it. We’re sure you remember the difficulty of trying to wind up your videotape without damaging the film, only to find that your treasured home movie never plays the same again. The beauty of transferring your film to DVD eliminates such problems once and for all!



Saving Snapped Films

A slightly different battle took place with videos we were helpless to prevent; snapped films. These stealthy wars popped up out of nowhere and, sometimes, for barely any reason. Caught on the cogs of our video player, trapped between the plastic of the video casing or even accidently torn in our attempt to wind everything back into place, once snapped there seemed to be no going back.

Luckily technology has allowed us to fix these minor video injuries and, because we want you to enjoy your videos in all their glory, we’re able to splice the damaged sections of your tape together in order to get a fully functioning film again!



Caring for Cracked Casings

How many times have you heard that deafening crack of your video casing? It’s a sad day when we can no longer play our home movie or favourite film because of one simple accident.

Luckily we’re here to help. Our services include finding a brand new home for your film so that you can carry on enjoying your video time and time again.




We believe in preserving your dearest family films for years to come, whether that means taking care of your original video cassettes, or transferring your videos onto a long lasting DVD for you to watch over and over without fear of damage. If you’d like to find out more about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0800 592433.