3 Lost Classics That Were Found Again

Making TV is expensive and time consuming, and when you’re a TV company making shows that have been on air for decades, there just isn’t space to store all those bulky film reels and VHS tapes sometimes. Over the years, hours of classic television have been lost forever as tapes are wiped, burned or simply forgotten. But sometimes, they re-surface again!

What Are The Best And Worst Movie Remakes?

Movie remakes always seem like a risk, they either go amazingly well, or become a huge fail. Some audiences can be very fond of an original movie, but respect the efforts of the remake, yet some are an insult to the film industry.

Numerous films released are remakes of classics which succeeded when they were released. Here, we will look at the best and worst movie remakes. Have you one in mind? Let’s see if it makes the list.

Format Wars: Did Betamax Deserve to Die?

Here at Video 2 DVD Transfers we specialise in converting tons of different formats, from Mini DV to Digital 8; VHS to Betamax. Ah, Betamax – once heralded as the thinking man’s video format of choice, and now the punchline to a thousand tech jokes. But does Betamax deserve its reputation, and did it deserve to so comprehensively lose out to VHS?

Are you wondering how you get your order to us here at Video2DVDtransfers?

Well we use Royal Mail Tracked Returns. The UK’s most popular Customer to Business shipping service. A services used by 100’s of big names. High Street stores and online companies.

Simply download and print off the label from our website (we’ll also send you a link in our emails).

Attach the label to your parcel.

Take the parcel to your nearest Post Office. At a time that suits you! (no need to wait in for a courier)

At the Post Office your parcel will be bar coded and you’ll be given a receipt.

We’ll acknowledge receipt of your parcel a few days later.

It couldn’t be easier…..   and the cost is included in our prices.

Live Chat, Support whilst you are on our website

We’ve added a live chat facility to our video2dvdtransfers website.

Click on the chat box and we’ll answer any questions you may have.

You can, of course, still call us free on 0800 592433 or drop us an email.

Transfer Video Direct to Digital?

As our direct to Digital service increases in popularity we have installed another Teranex processor.


Made by Black Magic Design the Teranex offers incredible results.

Direct to digital transfers from videotape are ideal if you want to edit your home movies and perhaps produce a special memento of a special occasion from your families past. You can also email and share your memories.

Details and ordering for our Video to Digital service can be found here.

Barcode stickers?

Some of our customers have asked us what the barcode stickers on their returned videotapes are.

We stick one to each of your tapes the moment they arrive with us. They include your order number and our individual tape reference. It’s very unlikely that a tape becomes separated from it’s order whilst in our studios. But in that unlikely event we can match things up quickly using the information on the stickers we apply. They also help us check your order before we dispatch it.

The stickers are removable adhesive so you can take them off once you receive your parcel back.

Editing your footage

Don’t forget that we offer digital files both from cine film and from Video………… ideal if you want to do some editing of your memories.

For cine film select one of the avi options on the order form. www.c2dt.co.uk

For Video select the transfer to digital option on page one of the order form. www.v2dt.co.uk

You can call us on 0800 592433 to discuss your project.