Film Technology: How Cloud Computing is Revolutionising the Film Industry

Technology, such as the 3D one, has been rapidly advancing and changing the film industry. But it’s not the only one.

Cloud computing and film aren’t necessarily two things that you’d lump together; one deals with entertaining people whereas the other aids people with saving and transferring of data from one place to another.

However, these two seemingly distant aspects of modern life are closer than we may initially think. While we are more used to the concept of streaming media thanks to the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime, the idea of cloud computing – which uses a similar theory – is actually playing an integral part in the creating of some of the biggest blockbusters to hit our cinema screens.


Will High Frame Rate Film Be the Future of Film Making?

The film industry is a relatively new one; the first films that were ever produced are just over a century old and we can see that there has been a massive change between the way people produced films back them to how we produce them now.

With the advancement of technology comes the advancement of filming methods (as well as storing) and we have finally reached the point where high frame rate films are being produced for Hollywood. But what is a high frame rate and will it become the future of filmmaking?

Techniques of Filming Documentaries

Filming a documentary involves utilising different techniques than when you film a movie (the latter can even have techniques such as ‘ghosting‘); it showcases reality and events in order to provide information on a wide variety of topics. Knowing your audience before beginning to film a documentary is essential to get the right tone of voice and technique.

A narrator is generally featured in documentaries with the purpose of providing the audience with important plot information. In the beginning of the documentary, exposition is needed to introduce the focal points of explored theme. As a first point of contact with the audience, it’s essential to create a good first impression.