VHS to MP4

Transferring Video to MP4

With a collection of home videos stored on VHS tapes and a decline in the use and accessibility of these videos, transferring VHS to MP4 is a great idea for a number of reasons. With over 60 years’ growing expertise, we combine the experience with cutting-edge equipment to bring you the same treasured memories, but this time in a modern and up-to-date format for the convenience of yourself, alongside many others. Since VHS tapes decline with use and age, there’s no better time than now to upgrade and transfer your Video to MP4 to secure another lifetime of reminiscing over the footage.

Convenience of Transferring VHS to MP4

Storing large collections of VHS tapes demands a lot of space and a suitable video player in order to watch them. When you do get around to watching them, there is a matter of wasted time spent rewinding and fast-forwarding to get back to the beginning of the tape after watching it, or when attempting to find a certain part to re-watch. Transferring video to MP4 offers solutions to such issues; no physical space is required, as the MP4 file is stored and viewed on any chosen device(s) with the ability to instantly skip to any desired part of the film. We can transfer VHS to digital by way of file transfer or by placing your MP4 onto a USB Device.

The decline in use of VHS has been due in part to the increase in demand for accessibility and digital formats, and this is what recent technological developments have brought us. Transferring VHS to MP4, similarly to other digital formats, proves to be incredibly convenient, as one single file combines a number of key features including movie, video, audio and subtitles. Compatibility is just another reason to transfer VHS to MP4. Widely accepted by computers such as Windows and Mac, tablets, phones, consoles, TVs and more, you can watch the video almost anywhere at almost any time; as a downloaded file, MP4 can be streamed and shared with others over the internet whilst eliminating the excessive buffering found online when viewing videos through alternative formats.

A Bespoke Service

Transferring your old VHS tapes to a MP4 file manually takes time, and can be expensive if done yourself. At Video 2 DVD Transfers, we eliminate the need for you to purchase expensive equipment such as VHS players and complicated MP4 converters. Our bespoke service ensures for a quick and hassle-free experience, with competitive pricing and fast turn-around.

Our team are dedicated to ensuring that your video content is kept private and secure, so you can rest assured that any videos you send to us are kept private.

With prices starting at just £19.00 to transfer your VHS to MP4 or copied on to a DVD, we guarantee that your movies will stand the test of time. You can choose to have your MP4 sent via Cloud transfer or sent to you on a USB.

Contact Us for Further Information

Our team agree that everyone should have the opportunity to watch their treasured videos for as long as possible, and we treat them with as much value as you would yourself. If you require further information on transferring your video tapes to MP4, or want to find out the other format transfers we provide, get in touch with us today. You can call us on 0800 592 433 or email sales@video2dvdtransfers.co.uk.