The Concerns of Archiving Videotape

The subject of the shelf-life of previously ubiquitous storage formats is worth considering if you have any sort of archive. If you have any familiarity at all with these various formats you’re likely to have read the storage instructions at some point in the small print on the cases and labels. Don’t store tapes next to magnetic sponges in a damp cellar, or loose out of their cases on the veranda where you usually sunbathe. The general advice is store in a dry, cool, dark place, in their case and vertically. And for the most part that’s likely to be where you have stored them. However, consider that even under the best of conditions things like VHS tapes are generally considered to start degrading in quality within 10-25 years. Other tape formats have a slightly better shelf-life but the same considerations apply.

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6 Most Successful Summer Blockbusters of All Time

With the arrival of summer, it had us thinking here at Video2DVD Transfer about the most successful summer films of all time. Films are released throughout the year, but which were released during the summertime? There were so many amazing films to choose from that could have made it on this list, but here, some of the highest grossing have made it into our top 6, can you guess which films will be on the list? Continue reading