Turn Old VHS Tapes into DVDs – What are the Benefits?

Those VHS tapes can give you a lot of great memories, from your favourite childhood films to the home movies that you watch with the entire family. However, the days of the VHS tapes have ceased to be. The latest blockbusters have not been released on VHS for over a decade, and the last VHS player was manufactured in 2016. With the introduction of DVDs, and later Blu-rays, it’s the era of the disc, not the tape.

Film Roles That Ruined Actors Careers

Being an actor seems like the dream job to many; they get to star as iconic and brilliant characters doing what they love, however, what we don’t think is how the wrong role can take them down the wrong path in their careers.

Actors will always be remembered for a certain role they took and, sometimes, this isn’t a good thing. Here are a few film roles that ruined actors’ careers.