Exploring New Techniques in Filming – ‘Ghosting’

With the surge in new technology, filmmakers have been developing the way that they produce some the world’s best films, including short films and documentaries. A few decades ago, it was a massive surprise when films were produced using the latest HD technology, whereas now they are being filmed using the latest 4K technology.

However, in recent years, there has been one film technique that has gotten people talking; the ‘ghosting’ technique. This has been used in some of the world’s biggest blockbuster hits, but there is still a slight air of mystery behind it. However, we at Video2DVD will look at what makes this technique so special.

How 3D Technology Changed Film

Modern technology is advancing at a staggering pace and creating new opportunities in cinema, such as cloud computing technology. Another that is rising in popularity is 3D technology.

The earliest development of the 3D film process dates to the late 1890s, with British film pioneer William Friese-Greene’s patent. Throughout the following decades, the technology suffered many changes, becoming a mainstream fixture since 2003.

Films like Avatar pushed 3D films into the limelight, beginning a successful use of the technology for many years to come.