Best 2016 TV Shows So Far

TV shows are a big part of our lives and are highly anticipated every year. Whether they are returning for a new season or premiering, there’s nothing better than sitting down and watching beautiful cinematography come alive on screen.

This year has seen some outstanding shows, and here’s a list of some of them that caught our eye.

Film of the Year 2016: And the Winner Is…

It’s back to that time of year again where some of the industry’s most important directors, actors, and critics come together and try to determine the best film of the last year. It’s an award that has gained a lot of attention and, since it was introduced just over fifteen years ago, it has become something that directors and actors all around the world strive to win.

Found Footage Films: Why Are They So Popular?

Cannibal Holocaust (1980) completely revolutionised the found footage film trend. This gory and extremely violent film – not recommended for the faint of heart! – is a controversial Italian horror film. As a found footage film, it portrays a documentary crew that travelled to the Amazon rainforest to document the life of the residing indigenous cannibals.

Many films of the same genre soon followed, cementing the found footage style as a strong genre in the film industry. With relatable qualities to modern cinema goers, this style appeals to the present trend of sharing every element of daily life online, increasing the believability of the films.