Learning from the Pros: Directors Advice for Home Film Makers

For many people, creating a home video is a hobby. Whether it’s filming a family wedding or documenting a birthday party to remember years down the line, creating something that you’re proud of is generally the ultimate aim.

Home videos might not be intended to be shown in cinemas around the world like huge blockbuster movies, but the principles of movie making still apply – albeit on a much smaller scale. There are plenty of directors who have happily imparted some of their knowledge and experience to other directors – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be useful for home video creators, too!

Are you ready to get inspired by some of the biggest name in film?

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Why Do We Do It?

Because We’re a Family, Too

“We had tears and laughter watching them and it brought back some wonderful memories.”

– Mrs P Bates

Sometimes people ask us why we do what we do. Well, there’s really only one reason, and it’s exactly what you see above: the ability to put people back in touch with their memories of the past.

A family watching tv

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The History of Video Game Discs

The humble board game has been a staple in many homes for decades, a classic of family fun that people can enjoy over and over again. However, games have evolved to an extent over the past few decades that the simple board game has almost completely been blown out of the water. But this expansion could not have occurred without the humble beginnings of gaming and the technological advancements that have brought it to the heights of today.

The evolution of these games feels fast and furious, but the journey has been a long one from the humble VHS to the technologically advanced Blu-ray of today’s games.


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