Learning from the Pros: Directors Advice for Home Film Makers

For many people, creating a home video is a hobby. Whether it’s filming a family wedding or documenting a birthday party to remember years down the line, creating something that you’re proud of is generally the ultimate aim.

Home videos might not be intended to be shown in cinemas around the world like huge blockbuster movies, but the principles of movie making still apply – albeit on a much smaller scale. There are plenty of directors who have happily imparted some of their knowledge and experience to other directors – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be useful for home video creators, too!

Are you ready to get inspired by some of the biggest name in film?



Steven Spielberg 

Although you’re probably not going to want to be adding blockbuster style effects to your home videos, Steven Spielberg has some sound advice for those who are looking to keep things simple.


“Bloated budgets are ruining Hollywood — these pictures are squeezing all the other types of movies out of Hollywood. It’s disastrous. When I made The Lost World, I limited the amount of special-effects shots because they were incredibly expensive. If a dinosaur walks around, it costs $80,000 for eight seconds. If four dinosaurs are in the background, it’s $150,000. More doesn’t always make things better.”

Even though your home video won’t be heading near Hollywood, Spielberg has a point; many people who are creating videos for their own home use for the future often feel that cramming more content in there is better than only having those special moments, when you’re often just wasting valuable filming time and resources instead.

Keep your video as short as possible and to the point – it might not save you money like it did for Spielberg, but it will cut down your editing time and give you more filming time to play with while still keeping those special moments special.

Stanley Kubrick

Well known for films which push at the boundaries of film making, Stanley Kubrick is also one of the directors which has given the world of film makers some helpful tips on how to be successful.


According to his mantra, “If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed”, which is great advice for those people who are worried about whether what they have in mind can be easily translated to film. Kubrick’s style is a great representation of this, with the majority of his films being weird and wonderful creations which many people may have once thought impossible.

If you have an idea, try it out – you never know what the outcome will look like until you do. You may even create a film which you are incredibly proud of that you’ll be able to hand down to your family one day!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re producing a personal home video or a blockbuster movie; knowing how to create something that people want to watch is essential – even if it’s only you who will be seeing it! If you’ve got some old cine film that you’d like transferring to DVD, please don’t hesitate to contact us today – we’d love to help you keep those memories preserved for as long as possible!

Why Do We Do It?

Because We’re a Family, Too

“We had tears and laughter watching them and it brought back some wonderful memories.”

– Mrs P Bates

Sometimes people ask us why we do what we do. Well, there’s really only one reason, and it’s exactly what you see above: the ability to put people back in touch with their memories of the past.



One of the most interesting things about human memory is its ability to tweak your recollection of key events throughout your life: certain details will be changed, embellished and even discounted when you think back on older experiences. While on the one hand this is one of the things that makes the human mind so unique and fascinating, it can also be frustrating – especially when it comes to those treasured family events.

While the 21st Century has taught us that the camera can lie, it’s certainly not the case with home videos, which can allow you to recapture those details that you thought were lost to time… or that the family still argues about! (Was Great Aunt Edith there for Christmas ’93? Only the VHS tape knows for sure…)

So, restoring a video and converting it into an easily viewable format means allowing families – like ours – the chance to relive highlights from their time together. And hearing from happy customers certainly makes it all worthwhile…

“Have already recommended to friends who like me were a little concerned sending off their cherished tapes. I am one very happy customer, thank you.”

– Sue Pennington

 photo 88ff171f-7bb9-4e56-9813-a974f9314a5c_zpslheou5ps.jpg

Because We Dig on the Technology

“Just had thirty mixed 8mm and videos transferred to DVD and am delighted. Really easy family run company to deal with and absolute professionals at what they do. They have the modern equipment needed to deliver top quality output (…) outstanding results.”

– Rich Waller

Of course, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that we’re also in it – at-least partly – for the techie satisfaction. A professional job which allows you to indulge an aspect of your hobbies is always a delight, and by working with old tapes we are able to flex those computer geek muscles that we’ve spent such a long time honing!

Our love for the gadgets, contraptions and thingamajigs (all professional industry terms, we can assure you) that make the job possible mean that you can always be sure that we have the best equipment for the task at hand… whether that means the latest model, or an older piece of kit which still offers all of the best results.

It also means that we love it when you come to us with a new challenge. So, if you have concerns about the quality or format of your tapes, bring them to us and we’ll put our best minds on the job.

 photo 7aaf9d45-ad3c-4dff-bd0d-15a9d9b8f851_zpshn8styfk.jpg

Because We Believe the Past is Important

“We are now able to re-live the days from the late 1950’s to the late 1980’s. Today I make films for the local community and am fully committed to recording life here in the county of Kent.”

– Peter Ellis

While Peter’s review may be about our sister service – Cine 2 DVD Transfers – the ability to preserve the past is a key motivator behind all of the work that we do. Remembering, and learning about, those olden days is such a crucial part of understanding human history – and often, home videos or small community projects can fill in the gaps that are left by larger historical accounts.

So, whether you’re an amateur filmmaker, a family full of memories or just a tech geek like us… feel free to get in touch today on 0800 592 433 and find out how our VHS to DVS transfer services can help you.


The History of Video Game Discs

The humble board game has been a staple in many homes for decades, a classic of family fun that people can enjoy over and over again. However, games have evolved to an extent over the past few decades that the simple board game has almost completely been blown out of the water. But this expansion could not have occurred without the humble beginnings of gaming and the technological advancements that have brought it to the heights of today.

The evolution of these games feels fast and furious, but the journey has been a long one from the humble VHS to the technologically advanced Blu-ray of today’s games.