Rare and Valuable Types of VHS to Look Out For

It’s been a long time since most of us made the move from VHS to DVD. There are, however, several types of VHS tapes that can still fetch a pretty penny at auctions and beyond. So, if you’ve got a collection of VHS tapes that have been doing nothing besides gathering dust, it may be worth your while to rifle through them to see if any of your tapes fit into the following categories.

Halloween pumpkins

Low-Budget Horror

You may be surprised to learn that there are some rare horror film tapes which are now worth more than their original production budget. Aficionados are particularly interested in acquiring and archiving some of those old horror films which never secured a DVD release. With nobody thinking to preserve certain films (mainly due to a lack of interest in them when they were initially released), it has resulted in titles such as ‘Tales from the Quadead Zone’ recently fetching around $700 in the US. So if you were a low-budget horror collector back in the day, that slightly odd obsession of yours could be about to pay off.

Pro Wrestling

The most successful period for pro wrestling coincided with the most successful period for VHS. During the 80s and 90s, a number of pro wrestling tapes were made and quickly flew off the shelves. Today, those same tapes have become heritage items amongst various collectors. If, for example, you have a copy of the 1994 WCW classic Halloween Havoc that’s still in pristine condition, then you could make yourself a few hundred pounds on eBay. Unlikely, we know, but there are plenty of wrestling fans out there who still have a healthy collection of VHS tapes from wrestling’s golden age.

Music Movies

There are plenty of music films which found a final resting place on video, including plenty of ones from world-renowned bands. Let it Be is a famous example, offering Beatles fans the chance to look behind the scenes at the recording process of the album of the same name. Its value has been put down to the fact that it managed to capture some of the less than healthy dynamics within the band at the time. Captured just before the band split for good, the production company decided that VHS would be the final format the film is available on.

Unlike Let it Be, the final resting place for some of your home movies doesn’t have to be VHS. We offer a full video to DVD transfer service that will preserve some of your favourite memories forever.

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