How to Convert Your VHS to DVD the Easy Way

Many of us who grew up before the digital age have a library of home movies stored on VHS tapes. Here, we will tell you how to convert your VHS to DVD and the many benefits it has, including, one we have discussed before; to preserve your precious memories. Once you have found out how to convert your VHS to DVD, you can stop worrying about the original analogue tapes degrading and becoming unwatchable.

So, how easy is to convert video to DVD and why should you do it?

vhs tape being inserted in player

Have Peace of Mind

Think about all of those precious memories trapped in VHS format; you might be worried about your VHS player not working anymore, if you still have one, or not being able to watch your videos ever again. Converting your VHS to DVD provides you with peace of mind and you know that you can keep those precious memories forever. After all, showing your children or grandchildren videos of the family before they were born is always a great way to bond. And they’ll love spending time with you – another memory they will keep forever!


Use A Professional Video Conversion Service

If you need to know how to convert your VHS to DVD, seek the help of a professional VHS to DVD conversion service to ensure you don’t lose your precious memories. This means sending your tapes for conversion but don’t worry! You can feel safe knowing a professional is doing the hard work for you and that your tapes will be converted with high-quality. This way, no technical knowledge is needed and you are assured a professional service! In addition, you receive your DVD swiftly, so that you can start to plan a party for you and your loved ones where everyone can gather around for a fun day of eating delicious food and watching films.

Do you have any VHS tapes to convert into DVD? Here at Video2DVD Transfers we provide a high-quality service to give you want you treasure most: precious memories that won’t ever be lost or even those films you love but can’t find anywhere else! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.