Four Underrated Horrors to Get You in the Halloween Mood

We may be in the final half of the year, but as with all good horror, the best bit is always worth waiting for. Here at Video 2 DVD Transfers, we love a good scare and all things that go bump in the night! So, to get you in the Halloween mood, why not dim the lights and get the pillows ready to hide behind with these hair-raising horrors?


A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Wes Craven’s classic, A Nightmare on Elm Street is still topping the list for all time favourite and scariest horror film, over 30 years on. Created on a shoestring budget, Craven’s B movie style horror carried on the troupes of the 70s and 80s while elevating the genre of horror, creating a seemingly never-ending franchise. Halloween just would not be the same without Freddy Kruger haunting your nightmares.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

One of the most recognisable horror movies of all time, that spawned not only sequels but comics, video games and modern remakes as well. Controversial back in its heyday, it was pulled from theatres after complaints about excessive violence and cannibalism. It was outright banned from being shown in theatres in many countries! Its infamy and reputation has solidified the movie as one of the most influential as well as a list topper for best horror movies ever made.

Scream (1996)

Another Wes Craven classic, Scream is still to this day a massive fan favourite teen slasher with 90s kids. Based on the real life serial killer, the Gainesville Ripper, the movie has since also spawned many sequels and has reached “cult” status in recent years. It was genre-defying during its release, casting big name actors rather than using a relatively unknown cast, as is the norm with horror movies still to this day. The film is still so popular and influential it is guaranteed you’ll see at least one “Ghostface” mask on Halloween.

The Exorcist (1971)

Reminding people of the tinkling piano music from the soundtrack is usually enough to garner a shudder or shiver from many. The granddaddy of horror movies, The Exorcist showed demonic possession of a young girl in such terrifying and graphic detail it gave an entire generation nightmares. Audience members reportedly fainted upon seeing poor Blair’s face and pea green vomit scenes. Halloween is the perfect excuse to relive the sheer terror of William Friedkin’s masterpiece.

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