Editing your footage

Don’t forget that we offer digital files both from cine film and from Video………… ideal if you want to do some editing of your memories.

For cine film select one of the avi options on the order form. www.c2dt.co.uk

For Video select the transfer to digital option on page one of the order form. www.v2dt.co.uk

You can call us on 0800 592433 to discuss your project.


We’ve moved! Finally, Video 2 DVD has outgrown our existing site, and we have decided to pack up and transition our company into a bigger (and better!) site.

Transfers on the High Street

With the sad news that yet another much loved and seemingly established name on the high street is in administration, and has a question mark over it’s future, here at Video 2 DVD we can’t help but reflect on whether customers will still take their precious video transfers┬áto a retail outlet, rather than dealing directly with an established business such as ours.