More Ways to Edit From One of Our DVDs

When you have been providing a valued service to customers for as long as Video 2 DVD have, you get used to hearing the same queries, time and time again.

There are the standard concerns; will my footage be in safe hands, will the quality improve and will I have to rewind any of the footage once transferred being a few.

Every now and then, we receive queries with regards to our software. Understandably, no matter how much we value a complete customer service, we simply cannot give away all of our trade secrets!

However, anyone in the market for a PC software package to edit from one of our DVDs might be interested inĀ Corel Video Studio.

Excellent Software

From working within the industry for many years, there are certain types of software which becomes pivotal in the daily operations that your company undertakes. Corel Video Studio, for Video 2 DVD, is one of these.

A highly recommended and sophisticated piece of kit, the software simplifies the editing of video and ensures that even the biggest tech-nophobe will be able to cut, manipulate and sharpen even the most intricate pieces of footage.

Our Top Tips

The software offers a host of editing tools and transition effects. To bring the contents of a DVD into the time line use the “capture” tab. Select digital media and from there select your DVD drive and the titles from the disc that you wish to import.

It really is one of the easiest ways to take control of your beloved footage – contact Corel Video direct for more information.