Three Pointless Reasons You’re Probably Hanging on to Your Old VHS

VHS was once at the forefront of technology. In fact, at one point you couldn’t find a house up and down the country that wasn’t brimming with videotapes. This, of course, all changed when they were made practically obsolete by the emergence of DVD. The question remains: why are you still hanging on to your old VHS after all these years? It’s probably one of the following reasons – all of which don’t really matter if you know how to convert your VHS to DVD.

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Four Reasons VHS Won’t Make a Comeback

It’s time to face the fact that VHS won’t be making a comeback. While video tapes might still hold a special place in the hearts of a select few, there’s really no use clinging on to the past – especially when you can embrace the future by converting your VHS to DVD. If you’re about to go down this route, here are four reasons why you can rest assured that video tapes won’t be making a comeback.

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Must-Watch Christmas Classics for the Festive Season

With December almost upon us, it’s definitely time to break out the festive films for some cosy movie nights. Here is a list of some of the top films for the season, many of which may be lurking in your VHS collection. To make sure these iconic films are preserved for many more movie nights over the coming years, be sure to transfer your videos to DVD.

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How to Convert your Wedding Video to DVD

Many of us still own libraries of old VHS tapes that sit on shelves gathering dust and are never watched. However, for many couples, there is one exception to this rule – their wedding video. Even if your wedding video is a slightly grainy affair that was recorded on a primitive camera, odds are that you’d like to have it in a format that you can actually play for years to come. Transferring your wedding video to DVD or a digital format gives you back your video in a form that you can continue to watch easily, whenever the urge strikes.

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Why Do People Collect VHS Films?

When a film store owner in the USA decided to shut up shop after 27 years, his customers launched a crowdfunding site and a massive campaign to keep Movie Madness open.

This is a store which had amassed some 84,000 movies and TV shows. Devoted fans travelled long distances to browse through its abundant categories (containing often forgotten VHS titles), which ranged from “Rampaging Teenagers” to “Problems With Rodents”. Continue reading

How to Convert Your VHS to DVD the Easy Way

Many of us who grew up before the digital age have a library of home movies stored on VHS tapes. Here, we will tell you how to convert your VHS to DVD and the many benefits it has, including, one we have discussed before; to preserve your precious memories. Once you have found out how to convert your VHS to DVD, you can stop worrying about the original analogue tapes degrading and becoming unwatchable.

So, how easy is to convert video to DVD and why should you do it?

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