Spotlight On: Short Film

Currently, we are being bombarded by an endless supply of blockbuster movies. From 3D smash hits to endless binge watching of Netflix originals; have you ever stopped to think about short films? Are they still as important as they once were, and why are they not as talked about as much as the latest feature film? Through cinematic life, short film has continually adapted itself to the newest function and technology. Audiences now revel in new and delightful spectacles and it’s fair to say that the movie industry is on top form

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Easter Closure and Family update.

Please note that we will be closed for Easter.

Our Office and Studio will be closed from 5pm on April 13th and will reopen on April 24th at 8.30am

Our service time will be extended accordingly and we will not be accepting online orders for a few days prior to Easter.

As some of our regular customers know our second Grandson was born November 29th of last year, 5 weeks premature.  He was born with a congenital heart defect and he has been in hospital ever since undergoing various treatments and procedures. Including three open heart surgeries.

We have been working hard to ensure all our customers receive our normal high level of care and service and will continue to do so after our break.







The Best and Worst Movie Trailers

A movie trailer has the important job of wowing the audience in two minutes. The intended aim is to draw the audience into wanting to watch the film without giving everything away. The average movie trailer will include an outline of the films genre, cast and plot without giving away the whole story, helping you to decide that this film is a must watch for you.

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Can Cinema Screen Resolution Affect Viewing Experience?

Going to the cinema can be a very memorable and fulfilling experience; you can go with your family and watch a film together, or you can celebrate something with your friends. But did you know that what you might be watching isn’t all that cracked up to be?

The resolution of the screen can drastically change your perception of the film, which can affect your viewing experience. So, how does the resolution of a cinema screen affect its viewers?

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From Book to Film: Does Film Rule Over Books?

As technology changes and we become more and more a part of the world of technology, the never ending question of “are films taking over books?” is at the back of our minds. You might hear people saying they would prefer to wait for the film, or they don’t have time to read a book, and would rather watch the film. Living amongst a generation of technology, and more books becoming movie adaptions, what are the arguments to kick back and take in the visuals or read the lines and visualise it yourself?

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Exploring New Techniques in Filming – ‘Ghosting’

With the surge in new technology, filmmakers have been developing the way that they produce some the world’s best films. A few decades ago, it was a massive surprise when films were produced using the latest HD technology, whereas now they are being filmed using the latest 4K technology.

However, in recent years, there has been one film technique that has gotten people talking; the ‘ghosting’ technique. This has been used in some of the world’s biggest blockbuster hits, but there is still a slight air of mystery behind it. However, we at Video2DVD will look at what makes this technique so special.

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How 3D Technology Changed Film

The earliest development of the 3D film process dates to the late 1890s, with British film pioneer William Friese-Greene’s patent. Throughout the following decades, the technology suffered many changes, becoming a mainstream fixture since 2003.

Films like Avatar pushed 3D films into the limelight, beginning a successful use of the technology for many years to come.

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Golden Globe Winners 2017

January plays host to one of the biggest nights in film and TV – the Golden Globes. The American accolade is given in recognition of excellent talent and skill within the industry, and has a wide range of awards; from Best TV Drama and Best Motion Picture, to Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture and Best Director – Motion Picture.

This year, the Golden Globe Awards were held on January 8th, and we’ve decided to take a look at some of the winners that came out with one of the most prestigious awards in the film and TV world!


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2016 in Review: Films

Christmas has come around once again, and it’s time to look back on the year and see what 2016 has brought us in the way of films – here’s a hint, it was quite a successful year.

It seems like every year there’s something new that pushes us one – or even two – steps further away from the Cine format; the 4K revolution is here in full force and there’s even talks of higher quality media coming in the near future, too!
So, without further ado – what has 2016 done for us?

DVD, Popcorn and Cinema Stub

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