The Problem With Taking Your Old VHS Collection When Moving House

It’s possible that you’ll stumble across your old videotapes after deciding to move house. The question is: should you take these with you to your new digs? While you might feel slightly sentimental at the sight of your VHS collection, it’s not an excuse to lug them all the way to your new property with you. Here are four reasons why this is always a bad idea.

house icon with keys next to it symbolising moving house without your vhs collection
It’s Pointless

You’ll need a VHS player if you’re to get any kind of use out of your old videotapes. If you don’t have this – or if you’re not prepared to spend valuable time trying to track one of these down – then what’s the point of holding on to your old VHS? After all, if you want to watch the footage they hold then you can always transfer your old VHS to DVD.

It’s Expensive

It’s one thing to keep hold of your videotapes when they’re not costing you money. However, it’s a different matter altogether when you start forking out to keep hold of them. This is the reality that you’ll face when you’re having to pay for multiple trips to your new place because you’ve insisted on bringing along your VHS.

It’s Counter-Productive

Moving house is all about having a fresh start and embracing all things new. Seriously though, how can you completely look to the future if you’re still holding on to a relic of the past? It’s a bad start, especially when you consider that the VHS tape have probably already begun to degrade .

It’s Inconvenient

Let’s not forget that videotapes are rather bulky. In fact, you can probably wave goodbye to all your new storage space if you insist on cramming it with videotapes that you’ll likely never be able to use again anyway. This is far from convenient.

VHS Tape which needs transferring to DVD when moving house
Make the Right Decision!

Remember that you can wave goodbye to your old videotapes without getting rid of the footage. Instead, you can keep hold of all the content simply by transferring them from VHS to DVD before you move home.

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