Revamping Valentine’s Videos – The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

We’ve all got them; countless videos slotted away in a box in the attic, currently collecting dust and potentially losing valuable quality in the process.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, give your loved one the gift that keeps on giving – your precious family video tapes converted to DVD.

Why Gift A DVD?

Gifts for Valentine’s Day are a much-debated topic. Whether you believe the annual holiday to be stemmed from the traditional romantic tale or just a very successful marketing ploy created by greetings card manufacturers, it still stands to be a tradition in several different cultures to gift your loved one with something personal, as a token of your appreciation.

These gifts are usually in the form of cards or small trinkets. However, go the extra mile this Valentine’s Day by having all of your memories transferred onto DVD’s.

DVD’s are a great gift as they are a more reliable form of media than the almost obsolete Video Tapes.

With the majority of modern televisions including a built-in DVD player, it is becoming more and more difficult to find a medium which even plays Video Tapes, and the difference in quality is alarming.

Finally, DVD’s are much smaller in size than Video Tapes. Simply put, this means that you can have a greater selection of them, in comparison to the amount of Video Tapes you used to be able to store.

In addition, with no need to waste time rewinding the tape, the benefits of transferring your Videos to DVD are in abundance.

What Sort of DVD Makes a Good Gift?

Picture the scene – your partner opens up the gift you have just placed in their hands. Inside is your DVD, personalised with a custom cover, with the simple instruction to watch the material. Your partner inserts the DVD into the DVD player and is greeted with footage of them walking up the aisle at your wedding, or of footage of the first steps your child took, or of footage of your engagement, all of those years ago.

These types of memories are perfect to be transferred onto DVD’s, as they promise a more personalised gift, guaranteed to bring a smile, or even a tear, to your loved one’s eyes.

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