Baby Steps: Finding Precious Moments from the Past

Everyone wants to know what they were like as a child, and we love looking at our baby photos and embarrassing our siblings with theirs. In the days of handheld video recorders, we all know someone who went over the top and filmed everything.

Memories You Can’t See Any more

You’ve captured precious memories on film, but the case for many of us is that we don’t have a VHS player anymore – they’re bulky and take up space, and with the rise of the smart wall mounted TV, we just got rid of them. Unlike treasured photographs hanging proudly on the wall, our VHS tapes are probably in the attic or in a box somewhere.

What If You Could Watch Them All Over again?

We all loved sitting around and watching terrible home videos, but thankfully that’s still possible with Video to DVD transfer. By turning your tapes into DVDs, you can watch them anywhere, on your laptop, on the telly, and you could even hook up a projector and watch your little ones playing in the garden years ago. It’ll be a great thing for you, but also for your family, and watching your old memories play out on the screen is amazing.

Little You

Seeing yourself as a child is always fun. But watching how you walked, how your siblings reacted when they first met you, and how your mum giggled during your christening, is way better than a photograph. Knowing where you came from and seeing your childhood on film is a truly wonderful experience.

Special Occasions

If you’re putting together a baby shower or a hen or stag do, then you’re sure to have started looking on Facebook for old, embarrassing photos. But for something a little bit different, why not try getting ahold of some videos? Once you’ve got the tapes, send them over to us and we’ll transfer them to DVDs you can take with you anywhere.

There’s no reason why gorgeous memories from your childhood shouldn’t be watched and enjoyed. If the only reason is that you haven’t got a VHS player, then it’s easy to solve with Video to DVD transfers. Contact us for more information and let’s get those precious memories ready for you to enjoy.