VHS Always Made Great Presents

There are many reasons why we’ve all got loads of VHS still lying around our homes. It’s hard to deny that one of the main reasons we’ve got them piled up and gathering dust is because they once made for a great present. Once upon a time it was hard for a birthday or Christmas to come and go without someone buying you a VHS – and this meant that your collection got pretty big pretty fast. Now as you look to transfer your VHS to DVD, here is a look back at why they were once a great gift.



There was never any shortage of choices when it came to picking a VHS. In fact, much like modern-day DVDs, you could buy films, television shows, documentaries or even famous football matches on video tape. This meant that you could put your own touch on a present and tailor it to the person who you were gifting it to. They were perfect for adults, children and pretty much everyone in between!


You’d be hard-pressed to go wrong when wrapping a VHS. Instead, the size and shape of it made it ideal to cover in just a matter of moments. The only issue was that it was sometimes a little too obvious what was underneath the paper, especially with its telltale rattle – though this never really spoiled the fun. After all, you still didn’t know what footage the tape held even if you could tell it was a VHS.


VHS hardly broke the bank. In fact, they were reasonably priced for their time. Of course, the value quickly slipped away when they became almost obsolete with new technology, but at least you can still keep hold of the ones you’ve got by transferring the footage on to DVD.

Happy Memories

It’s probably because of these kinds of happy memories that you’re still holding on to your old VHS. Particularly if they feature home camera footage of your family or friends. There’s really no need to do this though because you can still experience all the joys of the original recording by transferring it onto DVD. And if you have any specific memories that you and your loved ones have forgotten about, you can still give them the gift of being able to watch it easily on DVD today!

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