Four Ways VHS Always Caused Family Arguments

It’s all too easy to look back on the days of VHS with rose-tinted glasses. But were they really that good? The fact of the matter is that they had both pros and cons – with one negative being that the tapes tended to spark family arguments more often than not. With this in mind, here are four ways that VHS were often the cause of rows in households all around the country.

1. Over Taping

Hell hath no fury like the wrath of someone who realises that their favourite film has been taped over. More often than not it was an accident, but that didn’t stop those affected from going on an all-out witch hunt to find the perpetrator. Who could blame the culprit though when it was such an easy mistake to make?

2. Winding Back

A night in with a film could hit a dud note if the tape wasn’t fully rewound. One minute everyone would be sat ready to watch the movie, and the next they’d be having to wait while the tape was wound back to the start. There was plenty of time in-between to point fingers at who could be responsible.

3. Damage

DVDs are resilient. VHS, on the other hand, were not. It simply took one person with butter fingers to drop it on a hard surface and that was likely the end of it. Let’s not even get started on what would happen if the tape inside started to unravel.

4. Storage

VHS were terribly bulky and took up a lot of room. This is one of the main reasons why they’ll never make a comeback. Due to their size, VHS were nowhere near as easy to store as DVDs are now. They took up valuable space – and this was often the cause of family members locking horns.

Have You Still Got VHS?

It’s time to leave VHS – and the all the arguments that came with them – firmly in the past. You can do this by converting all your old tapes to DVD. The process is simple, cheap and convenient.

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