5 of the Best Film Trilogies Ever Made!

In the UK there are nearly 700 films released to cinemas every single year! That’s nearly 2 every single day! Now most of these films simply stand alone and fade into the past; a small percentage get a sequel but some of them manage to hit the holy grail of a trilogy!

When a film manages to become a trilogy it is a sure sign that the first film was so popular that it merited a pair of sequels or investors felt confident enough to stump up for three films outright. There are hundreds of film sequels out there but some of them stand head and shoulders above the rest and gain legendary status in the film world. Here at Video2DVD we have picked out 5 such trilogies for our little look at this film medium.

The Dark Knight

First in the list seems to buck the trilogy trend as the first film of the 3 is the worst of the lot; it’s watchable but it is nothing on the second instalment. The Dark Knight is regularly voted as one of the greatest movies in history. Heath Ledger’s performance is the stuff of legend and the fact that it manages to keep you on the edge of your seat for 152 minutes of your precious time.

The final piece in this trilogy is a dark and clever film that closes the triptych beautifully, if you have a day spare over the weekend then this is a solid option for entertainment.

Toy Story

“Kids’ film” is a pretty loose term when you are talking about the three masterpieces that are the Toy Story trilogy. From the very first scene at Andy’s birthday to seeing him… well we won’t spoil it, there is a pleasing wholesomeness as well as excitement to this trilogy.

If you don’t have children and you’re going to run out and buy it then it’s always a good idea to mention that it’s for a younger sibling or niece/nephew for appearances.

The Godfather

If you’ve already seen this trilogy then go ahead and try and pick a favourite… tough isn’t it?! Coppola’s excellence in direction really shines through as well as classic performances from Pacino and Brando, this earns its places in any list of best trilogies.

The perfect way to enjoy this trilogy is over three evenings with a bottle of fine red wine and perhaps even antipasti.

Lord of the Rings

Reduce these films down and you will eventually end up with ‘a hobbit walks really far to destroy a ring’ but they are so much more than that. A beautiful depiction of Tolkien’s imagination that is more and more captivating every time you see it.

Watching these films takes commitment as they are ideally sampled all in one day, start at midday as this trilogy in extended versions takes almost 12 hours to complete!

Star Wars

A Long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

The evil forces of the 9-5 working week fought viciously with the rebel alliance.

Every week the rebel alliance fought back with two whole days of rest and relaxation.

And during these times of great joy, one trilogy offered excitement in a way that none other could.

That trilogy was of course…

Star Wars


Although there are (at present) 6 Star Wars films in existence, the original trilogy (A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) are still considered to stand alone as the greatest movie trilogy ever to exist.

If you have heard the hype but still never seen the movies then we urge you to go out and buy them immediately.

Due to the amount of times they have been referenced in other programmes, it is worth watching Star Wars just to get yourself in on those in jokes. One of the most famous and best references to this incredible trilogy is the one that you see below from George Michael… no not that one, Arrested Development’s George Michael.

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