The Best of the 2016 BAFTAs

The 69th British Academy Film Awards took place at the Royal Opera House in London on the 14th February, celebrating the very best of British and international talent in films throughout 2015.

When the nominations for the awards were released at the beginning of January, it was clear to us that it was going to be a huge night for popular films such as The Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road.

We were right! Both films won a handful of awards, with The Revenant picking up gold for Best Film!

Here are some of our personal highlights from the 2016 BAFTAs.


Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Winning a Best Actor Bafta

Although the hype is firmly around whether Leo will finally win himself a best actor award at the Oscars, after being snubbed each and every time he’s been nominated, it was still a highlight to see him pick up his very first Best Actor BAFTA Award.

Describing himself as being “humbled” and “ absolutely honoured” by the award, he went on to thank his mum for giving him the opportunity as a child. Referring to growing up in a rough neighbourhood, he thanked her for driving him “three hours a day” to attend a different school so that he could have the chance to act.


Kate Winslet’s Inspiring Speech

20 years on from winning her very first BAFTA, Kate Winslet picked up an award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, for the role she played in the film Steve Jobs. Whilst this was a fantastic achievement, it was her speech in the press room after winning the award that got us standing up on our feet.

Dedicating her speech to young women around the world, she recalled being back in school, with a drama teacher who told her she wouldn’t amount to anything. She said her teacher told her that she would do “okay” as long as she was happy to settle for the “fat girl parts.” Speaking to all young women who have ever been put down by a friend, family member or teacher, she advised them to not “listen to any of it” and to “keep on going.”


Rebel Wilson Brings the Humour

Rebel Wilson is famed for her comedic timing and sometimes inappropriate humour, something that was definitely in play when presenting the award for Best Supporting Actor. Referencing the race drama surrounding the Oscars at the moment, she commented on not being invited because ”they’re racist.” She also referred to the BAFTAs as having “diverse members” because that’s all people “want to see in life.” Noticing Idris Elba laughing at her speech, she remarked that he was making her “uncomfortable” and that she’s just socially programmed “to want chocolate on Valentine’s Day”.


Sidney Poitier Wins BAFTA Fellowship Award

In what was probably the most moving part of the evening, actor Sir Sidney Poitier was awarded the BAFTA Fellowship Award. The 88 year old actor was the first African American to win an Oscar back in 1964. Since then he has become a much loved actor, author, activist, director and humanitarian.

Unable to travel to London because of ill health, he accepted his award via video link. In his moving speech, he spoke of his family as his “life force” and said that he would be “nothing” without them.


Kiss Cam

We couldn’t miss the hilarious Kiss Cam from our list – it was definitely one of the funniest additions of the night. Introduced by host Stephen Fry as one of the best things that America has given the world, the heart shaped camera then goes into the audience to find two “love birds” to target. Our favourite was definitely Leo and Dame Maggie Smith! Apparently Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander refused and it was that awkward, the BBC had to cut it. Ouch.

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