The Importance of Memories: 3 Ways to Preserve Special Moments

As we get older, we become a lot more aware of the need to document and preserve important memories. From the birth of children and grandchildren, to weddings and milestone birthdays, it’s extremely easy for some moments to get forgotten over time.

This is why we think it’s a really good idea to preserve memories as much as you can. Keeping your memories around means that you can enjoy them for many years to come. From photos and videos to something more creative, there are plenty of ways to protect your memories and keep them in the forefront of your mind.

Write Them Down in a Diary

Think about all the information that we have about important events in history. We have lots of facts about things that happened way before any of our great grandparents were born. How is this possible? Well, we think that a lot of it is because of the fact that someone decided to write it down at the time. It’s this that has then been passed down through generations. So why not do the same thing?

Write down everything and anything that you want. Experience something new? Witness something fascinating? Write a journal documenting the event and your feelings. It’ll be something amazing to look back on in years to come.

Take Endless Photos

If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably have bags of photographs in your home. We have photos dating back to when we were children and now we have plenty of our own children’s photos too! These days, a lot of our photos are digital and therefore it’s likely that we have both physical and digital copies.

Apart from saving on your computer and putting your photographs into photo albums, how about doing something a little different with them? You could upload them onto a photo storage website like Photobucket – this can be set for your eyes only. You could also print them out and create a memory board within your home.

Record Home Videos

There is still something about using a camcorder to film home videos that just can’t be beaten. Whether it’s filming the birth of your child, your children on Christmas morning or the day your eldest child gets married; it’s a wonderful thing to have it all caught on film. This can be kept for years and it’s always fun to get them out every now and then to enjoy with your family!

As the years have gone on (and technology has progressed significantly), a lot of camcorder film on VHS has become outdated and impossible to watch. This is why we offer a fantastic service that transfers old VHS to DVD formats. This means that you can relive all your memories, regardless of how old they are!

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