The Best of Batman: The Greatest Batman Movies Ever Made

As the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice draws even closer, we’ve taken the time to look back at some of our all time favourite Batman movies. These live action movies have been keeping us entertained for years – a couple of them more so than others.

After a lot of thinking, we’ve picked a selection of our personal favourites – are any of these on your list?

The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight is easily considered the best of the movies in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, and arguably the greatest live-action Batman movie of all time. It was the second movie released by Nolan and featured the late Heath Ledger in the iconic Joker role. Highly anticipated before its release, it definitely didn’t disappoint.

Ledger’s manic performance was both amazing and fascinating to watch – the film clearly belonged to him. Christian Bale really ups his game as Batman – drawing you further into the dark world of the caped crusader.

Batman (1989)

This Tim Burton take on Batman was released in 1989, at a time where superhero movies just weren’t getting any positive reviews. WB decided to take a chance on Tim Burton – and they ended up extremely happy that they did so. Burton managed to bring the superhero genre out of the frustrating slump, his visual flair creating a masterpiece that is still loved today.

The film was darker than the Batman movies had previously been, which was something that seemed to really work with the audience. Jack Nicholson was excellent as the Joker – creating a truly memorable villain.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

The finale to Nolan’s Batman trilogy might not have topped The Dark Knight in popularity, but it still remains one of the greatest Batman movies ever made. It allowed us to see Batman in a way that we hadn’t really before – he had to pick himself up from the very bottom and work extremely hard to save the city that he ultimately loves.

Tom Hardy was unrecognisable as villain Bane – he truly captivated and terrified us all at the same time. It was a fantastic end to the world that Christopher Nolan had created and we were really upset to have to say goodbye to Bale as Batman. It’s definitely one that is worth watching!


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