Spread the Love with Multiple DVD Copies


It’s been one of the best days of your life so far.

You might have been walking down the aisle, butterflies in your stomach as you catch the gaze of your other half. You may have been comforting your child as your family and friends celebrate their Christening. You might have even taken those few excited steps towards your University Chancellor, your entire future set out before you. Whichever the case, you’ve made a memory to last you a lifetime and you deserve to share your experience with those you hold near and dear.


We understand that, caught up in the excitement and the adventure of the day, you may not have had time to personally capture the event on film. Relying on family and friends to capture the precious moment on film is a big task (especially if they have a knack for filming the floor or the walls). It’s their job to obtain a perfect image for the members of your family and friends who weren’t able to make it.

What you may not have thought of, however, is how you can spread these perfect videos around. To get the best image and sound, it’s important to ensure your memories are multiplied by professionals with the equipment and the know-how to make your memories last in stunning quality.


At Video 2 DVD we work tirelessly to transfer quality copies of your VHS, 8cm DVD and Hi8 to DVD, along with many others, so you can spread the memories you’ve created amongst the family and friends you want to share it with.

Having copies of your original film can do more than just spread the love between your loved ones; it’s also a failsafe. Accidents happen, we understand that; it’s still upsetting, however, if your beloved video or DVD is suddenly, irrevocably, rendered unwatchable. Having a backup copy prevents you from ever losing those precious memories. It gives you the ability, if anything did ever happen, to pick up your copy and relive your memories time and time again.


Granting you this ability is important to us. We’ve dedicated our work to bringing your favourite videos and much loved memories to life in stunning clarity on usable DVDs and even USB sticks. If you’d like to preserve your memories, or if you’d love to spread your big day amongst your family and friends, contact us today on 0800 592433.