Nickelodeon Nostalgia: The Splat

If there was a degree in nostalgia, then we’d be top of the class! Possibly the student that brings in a shiny apple for the teacher… we get a great kick out of being able to transfer your pockets of nostalgia; be that VHS or Betamax to DVD, we treat it with the same level of passion. So when it comes to advances in the world of TV related to appreciating TV or films of ‘yore’, we can’t help but listen in.

Recent news from the TV industry reached us at Video2DVD regarding a new block of television shows which is sure to have all the 90’s kids tuning in; The Splat on Nickelodeon. This is a block of TV programmes from what many people perceive as the Nickelodeon ‘golden era’; the 1990s.

Golden Era of Cartoons

This era saw many classic cartoon and live action shows that can still be heard quoted today, from Kenan and Kel to Rugrats, the block of programming even goes as far as to air the original adverts and promos of the time, attempting to replicate many of the schedules Nickelodeon previously aired.

With the widespread availability of television on the internet, it’s great to hear of a TV network like Nickelodeon embracing the shows that gave them the footing they have today. Equally, airing such shows means that a whole new audience who may not have even been born can get to view the classics, sharing in a real-time trip down memory lane.

If you like the sound of The Splat, then you can find it on Teen Nick between 10pm and 6am, where those who watched it first time around, can indulge their funny-bone with a hearty helping of nostalgia. You can join Hey Arnold!, Clarissa Explains It All and the Are You Afraid of the Dark gang for a rerun of the laughs and frights that got many people through those rainy Sundays, or woke you up with a giggle before school.

Create Your Own Splat

There’s nothing quite like revisiting nostalgia and indulging your memories, it’s what makes us passionate about our video to DVD transfer service. If you would like to revisit your family memories on a format with greater longevity than VHS or Betamax, then you can always contact our team of DVD transfer experts, where we will reliably transfer your treasured memories. Contact us on 0800 592433, and we can provide you with your own Splat; providing family members of all generations with the opportunity to enjoy the memories you loved the first time around.