Capturing Your Video in Low Light

One of the main reasons we are proud to offer our video to DVD service is because we love the feeling of knowing we’re enabling the future enjoyment of such memories long into the future. However, we quite often find that many people’s videos suffer from having poor lighting, and with the onset of the darker nights this trend only looks set to increase! So, let’s tackle inferior video quality once and for all by tackling camera’s biggest foe; poor lighting.


Add Lighting

OK, this may seem obvious, but if there is the option of switching on a light, or lighting up the occasion, then your future-video-watching-self will appreciate it! If you are indoors then this may be a little easier, but for those outdoors, the obvious solution is turning on your camera light. Alternatively, you can go pro by opting for reflector panels, mirrors and a range of lighting, which will certainly up the production value of your video.

Slow Shutter Speed

For those who have this capability on their camera, it is recommended you slow your shutter speed. This means that the shutter is essentially open longer, thus allowing a greater amount of light in through the lens. The negative here, however, is that you can end up with a  motion blur, so try using this tip alongside a tripod, or other supporting device.

Reduce Frame Rate

Again, this may be a feature which your camera lacks, but it can be of great help if it is available to you. A slower speed allows more light into the camera, which enables a brighter image. It may however be a minor increase but even the smallest bit of light can boost the image significantly.


The proper application of appropriate post editing can make or break a video. Here you can attempt to repair footage through the application of lightening filters or plugins, however, it is worth noting that post-editing effects don’t have the same level of quality as if you were to capture the video the way you intended on your first attempt.

Having a wonderfully captured video to reflect back on cannot be overrated. There’s nothing quite like being able to settle down and reminisce on some of your favourite pockets of nostalgia, so you shouldn’t let poor quality stand in the way. The same goes for video tapes; our video to DVD service enables you to enjoy your video long into the future, although we can only boost the quality so much; so give some of our handy tips a go!

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