Three Ways Your VHS Can Hinder Your Spring Clean

It’s getting to that time of year when you need to seriously consider a spring clean. This will, of course, mean that you’ve got a lengthy to-do list on your hands – featuring every room from the kitchen to the attic. While you might start with good intentions, your motives could easily be derailed simply by stumbling across your old VHS. You might not have watched these tapes for many years, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t cause you problems in 2018.

Here are three ways your VHS can hinder your spring clean.



The success of a spring clean relies on the motivation of doing the whole house from top to bottom. This means everything needs to be dealt with – including your VHS. Seriously though, can you really be bothered with wiping and re-storing these tapes when you know that it’s unlikely they’ll ever be used again in their current form? Sadly, skipping one task can snowball into doing a half-hearted job cleaning the entire house.


A good spring clean relies on everything finding a place that’s neat and tidy. You should know that VHS – which will probably strike you as bulkier than you remember – can be particularly hard to store without taking up too much space. Ultimately, unless you’re willing to transfer your VHS to MP4 or DVD then you’ll be hard-pressed to store them in a convenient place because of how much room they take up.


It’s time to get out your duster! VHS are known for picking up large amounts of dust – meaning you really will need to give them a good once over to get them looking clean. This is sometimes a futile job, especially when you consider that many of the tapes could soon start to degrade over time anyway. Ultimately, it’s not the best use of your time to be tending to your VHS during your spring clean.

Wave Goodbye to VHS

Rather than allowing your VHS to throw a spanner in the works when you attempt your annual spring clean, this year you should transfer the content from VHS to DVD. This way you can keep all the old footage while eliminating the problems that arise from cleaning them every year.

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