5 Ways to Recycle Your Old VHS Tapes

You’ve done your VHS to DVD transfer, you have no more reasons to hold on to these old tapes. So what do you do with them?

Here are four innovative ways to reuse or recycle VHS tapes!

This is an important thing to do because VHS tapes are classified as electronic waste; the cases are made of polypropylene which could be recycled, but the tape inside is plastic¬†coated in a few different metals, making it difficult to recycle. For this reason, creative, individual recycling is the best solution. So let’s start!
When done with your VHS, you can reuse or recycle them.

1. Sell Them

The first, and easiest, solution is to sell your collection online, on eCommerce websites such as eBay. If you don’t like to use the internet much, you can always take them to a flea market. Your old tapes might be of little interest to you, but some people enjoy collecting remains of a past that they love and cherish. This way you can get rid of your old tapes without the guilt of having just thrown them out.

2. Get Creative

A common method for recycling things such as VHS tapes is to get creative and ‘up-cycle’ them. You can create everything from coasters, tables, shelves, picture frames and wall clocks. If you hollow the tape out of a cassette you can use the shell to¬† make a nifty looking storage case for things such as hair accessories or medicine. The tape could then be used in other ways such as for making pom poms or by using a crochet hook to make a unique bracelet.

3. Keep Away Birds

The third method is related to country life. For those of you who live in the countryside and need a scarecrow, polyester tape waves around beautifully, and so it can keep away birds wanting to eat your crops.

4. Eco Bags

The fourth method helps the environment as it helps you avoid using plastic bags. If you work the tape as if it was a textile, you can use it to create eco-bags to take to the supermarket or even proper eco-chic handbags. Unfortunately, it is very hard to use tape with traditional knitting or crochet methods, as it tends to stick to the fingers. However, many people cut polyester strips as thin as four millimeters, and then they can work them easily on looms.

5. Create Art

Finally, you can try “artistic” recycling. If you have many original VHS tapes, with original cover art, you can make a beautiful collage that you can then hang up or give to your film-loving friends.

Now you can convert video to DVD in peace, with no worries about the environmental impact of your updates!