Modern Movies: Transferring Videos from iPhone to Computer

Camcorders have become less common in the modern day family life; instead, the mobile phone is more commonly used to take home videos. But, these are so often forgotten and lost in the sea of other photos and videos that also sit on your phone. This does not have to be the case.

Simply transferring the videos from your phone to your computer, into a dedicated storage space, means that they are safe. This is especially important if your phone gets lost or broken, you do not want to lose all of your precious memories with it.

So, what is the process of transferring videos from an iPhone to a computer?

Step One: Connect Your Phone

The iPhone and most other phone models should come with a connecting wire that has a USB port at the end. This is what you can use to connect the phone to your computer. You should create a dedicated space on your computer for your desired files to go into. Before you begin the transfer process you should also ensure that all of your software is up to date; this will ensure the process is quicker without the wait for a slow system update.

If you have a passcode set up, then you may need to enter this before you can begin the transfer.  Otherwise, your phone may not allow you to access your files.

Step Two: Choose Your Videos

If you have iTunes installed on your computer then this is a simple process of choosing the videos that you want and transferring them via the software. You can also set up an iCloud library across your devices – computer, phone or tablet – which will automatically sync your device storage once activated.

Step Three: The Difference between Windows and Mac

There is a slight difference when transferring videos or even photos to your Mac rather than a Windows device. The first step is the same: connect your phone to your Mac and the Photos app should automatically appear unprompted. The app should show an Import screen with all of the videos and photos that are located on your phone. Simply click the videos you want and choose ‘Import Selected.’ The Mac is meant to work alongside the iPhone and should be more intuitive to use alongside it as a result, so this should be a simple process.

Here at Video2DVD Transfers we are dedicated to making your home videos come to life, easy to watch for you and your family again and again. So whether you are using a camcorder or a mobile phone we can convert them for your viewing pleasure.

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