3 Creative Things to do With Your Home Videos

Here at Video2DVD Transfers, we don’t like the idea of your old home movies going to waste. This is why we specialise in converting your old VHS tapes to DVD format. This way, you can relive all your old memories over and over and over…

However, what about the creative people amongst us? Whilst you can’t beat sitting around, watching them on the TV with your loved ones, there are other uses for your home videos for those looking to do something a little different.




Looking for ideas?

Upload Your Videos to YouTube

Many people share videos and pictures every day through their social media, but how many of these share really old home movies? Why don’t you create your own family YouTube channel, where you can upload all your family home videos, new and old! This is not just a fantastic way to store them; it also allows you to share them with all your friends and family! Who knows? It might even reconnect some old family members who haven’t spoken in a while.


Edit Them Together

Remember the TV show “This Is Your Life?” Why don’t you take inspiration from this and create your very own? This would make a unique and touching present for a member of your family. You could edit together random parts of each video, or you could specifically choose a theme such as making a montage of all the Christmases throughout the years.

It would also make a really good gift for your child on a special birthday or occasion such as a wedding.


Comedy Dub

Ever wondered what your dad would sound like as Homer Simpson? Or your grandma as Yoda? Well, with a little bit of creative editing, you could soon have your answer! For those who are looking to do something a little more “out there” with their home videos, why don’t you upload them to your computer and then put a comedy dub over the voices?

Is your mum speaking directly to the camera about your first tooth falling out? Not anymore! She’s now quoting Liam Neeson’s super famous speech from Taken! You can have some real fun with this one – go as wild as you want to!

If comedy isn’t your thing, why don’t you edit your home videos into your very own indie film? You could have the next big thing on your hands – starring you!
We even have a suggestion for your old VHS tapes after you’ve had them converted – they make fantastic door stops!

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