Making Memories Immortal: The Camera That Changed the World

While on the technical side of things, we specialise in things such as Betamax to DVD transfers, on a personal level, we help make your memories last a life time. But have you ever wondered where the first handheld came from? If you have an event coming up, maybe a milestone birthday, or a wedding, you can just go down to the nearest tech related shop and pick one up. There are countless different models, all with their own unique special features and effects. With these cameras, you can effectively make any part of your life immortal; sculpting your memories into something physical which you can hold on to forever, meaning you can effectively re-live any of your memories forever.

It’s safe to say that the handheld camera is one of the greatest creations of mankind, and now you can pick one up from nearly anywhere in the world.

Is it hard to imagine then that until 1960, the only way to record visuals and sound simultaneously was with bulky cameras on tripods and massive sound systems? Well, it’s true. The Camera that Changed the World is a documentary that tells the story of two sets of visionaries from France and the United States who set out to create a camera with less constraint which effectively gave birth to the handheld camera, changing how we make memories forever.

French ethnography, Jean Rouch was the first person to shoot a film on a handheld camera, Moi Un Noir, in 1958. He chose to use a handheld rather than the bulkier professional cameras so that he could capture anything at any time. However, these hand-helds came with their own vices- he could only shoot for 20 seconds at a time and the camera system was so noisy that none of the sound could be used in post-production. It was these hindrances that helped spur the visions of the French and Americans.

This documentary is so fascinating, that instead of us summing it up in a brief statement, we’re going to leave it here so you can discover this interesting piece of history for yourself. Running for one hour, this documentary follows the story of photo-journalist Bob Drew; how he and filmmakers Ricky Leacock and Don Pennebaker, among others, joined forces in America, while a group of French engineers did the same to find out how to overcome obstacles and pave the way for the future of handheld cameras.

Click to watch it here.

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