Film of the Year 2015: And the Winner Is…

It’s that exciting time of the year where we set down our Mini DV to DVD transferring and take note as some of the industry’s top minds and critics gather together and decide the best film from the last year of releases. It’s a prestigious offer which, in recent years, has been claimed by some of, not only the best films of their generation, but some of the most innovative.

Last Year’s Winner

Last year the International Federation of Film Critics handed the FIPRESCI Grand Prix award to Boyhood. Directed by Richard Linklater, the film was a 12 year project with a story which revolved around a dysfunctional family unit. The nature of the film meant that the audience got to see them age, grow and develop into adults – in some cases – with the main protagonist, played superbly by Ellar Coltrane, being followed from the age of 6-18; so it goes to show just some of the innovation and competition that that the winner’s face. But we’ll admit we’ve kept you on the edge of your seat for long enough now, we should just get to it, right?

OK, OK… the winner of the FIPRESCI Grand Prix 2015 is…


Mad Max: Fury Road

Talked about from water-cooler to workspace and playground to cafe, Mad Max: Fury Road was attributed the award from the panel of international critics. Beating off competition from Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s The Assassin, László Nemes’s Son of Saul and Jafar Panahi’s Taxi, the latest instalment in the Mad Max saga was nominated the best of the bunch by the 493 members.

It was a long time coming the latest Mad Max film, meeting the cliché stumbling points that often befall anticipated sequels and prequels. However, in finally making it to the big screen, it has clearly been welcomed with open arms by critics and film fans alike. The post-apocalyptic world which the films are set in sees both water and gasoline rare commodities in a world ran by thugs and gangs. It is recommended viewing for those who not only like the return to frivolity in the form of quite spectacular fight and drive scenes, but also an absolute must for those fans of the original movie.

It’s great to see new versions of older films welcomed so openly and with such praise. It’s not easy to live up to the hype that can follow the former glory associated with a particular film, but we – and the international critics, of course – feel George Miller did an excellent job bringing to the screen and achieving what he did.

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