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As a company which deals primarily with capturing and preserving your fondest memories with our Video8 to DVD transfers, we have a special interest in all things film; be that advances in recording technology, new film releases or any other news regarding the business of show.

However, in keeping our finger on the pulse of advances in and around Hollywood, it does occasionally mean you discover some less than favourable news. For example, news broke yesterday of Shia LaBeouf’s accident on the set of his new film American Honey. Rumours surrounding the event are that LaBeouf put his head and hand through a glass window and subsequently required stitches, although injury is expected to be minimal. Either way; ouch!

As a tip of the hat to the sometimes underappreciated acts of self-sacrifice that our favourite film stars undertake, here’s a list of times where Hollywood’s finest did themselves a mischief in the name of art.

Harrison Ford – Star Wars (2014)

First of all, one of the more high-profile accidents in recent memory occurred to an unfortunate Harrison Ford. Whilst reprising his role as Han Solo on the set of the latest instalment in the Star Wars saga, he had his left leg broken when a hydraulic door from his synonymous Millennium Falcon fell on him during filming at Pinewood Studios. In future, may the doors be with him.

Bruce Willis – Die Hard (1988)

Whilst filming one of his most famous roles as lone-wolf detective John McClane, Bruce Willis lost two-thirds of his hearing in his left ear due to the simple act of forgetting his ear plugs. Loud blanks were selected for the under-the-table scene, and with the agonizingly loud bangs reverberating back off the floor and the table, Willis was left permanently damaged. Yippee Ki Yay…

Sylvester Stallone & Arnold Schwarzenegger – Expendables 2 (2012)

When both Sly and Arnie hurt their shoulders on the set of Expendables 2, the hospital staff were left rubbing their eyes as both action-movie faithfuls strolled up, separately we might add, to have their injuries tended to. With a combined age of 129 years at the time, I think we can let the icons off for being a little more brittle than their earlier, bulkier years.  They’ll be back…

Jackie Chan – Rumble in the Bronx (1995)

Considered one of Chan’s best films (79% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes no less), Rumble in the Bronx required an intense level of choreographed martial arts, as we have become accustomed to seeing in all of Jackie Chan’s films. As frequent Chan film fans will be aware, the outtakes appear over the end credits, which invariably shows a grimacing Jackie Chan laughing off an injury that most people would be whimpering on the phone to their mummy after.

Rumble in the Bronx was no exception; Chan can be seen jumping on to a moving hovercraft, where, upon landing, he takes a tumble in the Bronx and breaks his foot. The production cast covered for this during the filming by cutting the scene at the point of it breaking and covering his broken foot with a bespoke shoe-looking sock.

You have to sympathise with our favourite celebrities with the pains and strains they undertake for our amusement. Whilst they are well paid, it certainly won’t diminish the ache. Also, what about pour Bruce Willis with his permanently damaged hearing? Not fun.

We’ve all had our own tumbles on film to the amusement of our friends and family, although maybe we’ve not been so unfortunate as to seriously injure ourselves! However, if you would like to make £250 from You’ve Been Framed or even just want a sure-fire way of preserving your precious VHS memories, contact us on 0800 592433 and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to help and discuss the ways in which our service can help you.