3 Pointless Reasons You’re Probably Hanging on to Your Old VHS

VHS was once the pinnacle of home entertainment technology. In fact, there was a time when no household was complete without an extensive collection of videotapes. From the latest cinema releases that could be your very own, to your very own family films taken on a video recorder, VHS tapes were commonplace in the average British household.

Of course, this all changed with the introduction of the DVD. Whilst DVDs (and eventually Blu-Rays) have taken over as the best medium for watching recordings, many people still have clung onto their old VHS tapes. Why is this the case after all these years? It could be for one of the following three reasons:



Feelings of Nostalgia

VHS tapes can take us on a trip down memory lane, and it’s this feeling of nostalgia that prevents so many people from updating their obsolete technology. However, it’s important to remember that it is the footage that helps us remember good times from long ago, not the tapes themselves.

Whilst clinging to the past can help people feel more in touch with years gone by, there’s no need to sacrifice convenience to watch your old footage. By converting your old VHS tapes onto DVD, you can relive those memories and take those nostalgia trips but with the all the added benefits DVDs bring. VHS tapes are liable to be easily damaged from overplaying or poor storage; once that tape is ruined, the footage is lost forever.

You can protect those precious memories with a DVD conversion. Your footage will be safe and can be viewed for many more years to come. Additionally, if you really cannot bear to let those VHS tapes go completely, Video2DVD will return your tapes to you along with your DVD.

Too Much Effort

Another reason you may still have a box full of VHS tapes in the attic is that you just haven’t found the time or motivation to go through them. It’s understandable; VHS tapes can’t hold a lot of footage, so you most likely have many hours of footage of your family that have been spread out over many tapes. The problem with forgetting about a pile of VHS tapes in a box or an old cupboard, is that insufficient storage can completely destroy your tapes.

Mould from a damp attic can ruin or seriously degrade the footage, making it difficult to be recovered. If you want to preserve your memories, you need to find the energy to get out all those tapes and sort them. It doesn’t have to be difficult, all you need to do to convert them to a more convenient format is send them over to us for a conversion. We offer DVD, MP4 and digital conversions, all with the goal of saving your memories and converting them into a format that is more easily accessible and that will stand the test of time for your future generations to enjoy.

False Hope

If you’re a fan of vintage tech, you might be holding onto the vain hope that VHS will come back into style. Whilst old technology can indeed make a comeback in a big way, such as the polaroid camera and vinyl players, this is very unlikely to happen with VHS.

Vinyl players are considered to produce superior sound to CDs, and people love the novelty of snapping a picture and having an instant physical copy. These technologies have a niche that brought them back from the dead; VHS tapes and VHS players just don’t have that same appeal. They are too inconvenient in so many ways when compared to more up-to-date video viewing formats.

It’s time to move on.

But don’t worry that you’ll be throwing away a piece of the past just because you chuck out your old videotapes. You’ll still be able to save all the special moments they store with a simple conversion. If you want to transfer video to DVD, contact Video2DVD today for more information on the process and how we can help you protect those precious memories.