4 Occasions to Give Thoughtful DVD Gifts in The Digital Age

Important life landmarks such as births, weddings and anniversaries are the perfect opportunity for friends and family members to give gifts which really mean something to the recipient.

In the past, photo albums full of past memories, or VHS tapes of home video footage would have offered a considerate, touching and memorable gift. Whilst it is possible to transfer VHS tapes to DVD now, how is it possible to make this seem like the tangible, thoughtful gift that an album or video was in the past? Here are some ideas on how to make and present a considerate gift for any important occasion.

Mothers Day Gift


For the couple getting married, what better than a DVD of many of their happy memories together, as well as snapshots of them growing up? Splicing together childhood home videos, which can be converted easily from VHS to DVD, as well as photos of the happy couple and even music which appeals to them or represents their relationship, can make for a wonderful wedding video. This could be privately presented to them or used as part of the big day, with a copy for them to take home with them afterwards.


A birthday offers an opportunity to give the receiver a fun rundown of previous birthdays, happy family memories and so on. What better way to give a truly personal gift that the recipient will always remember than to convert childhood home movies onto DVD to make them a home movie that they can hold onto forever. It is likely that family members will have videos that the person themselves has forgotten about so this can be a wonderful, nostalgic way to surprise them!


For a beautiful, memorable present to give to the one that you love, why not create a personal DVD gift listing all of the reasons that you love them? Use things that remind you of them or even just memories of them which make you happy – it’s a guaranteed thoughtful hit around anniversaries. If you’ve got old VHS tapes laying around featuring home videos of the two of you then you can make a video transfer to DVD, or alternatively, you could make a slideshow of images overlaid with text to show them how much they mean to you. Either way, a personal gift like this is guaranteed to be remembered (and kept!) for years to come.


A graduation marks the end of an era and the beginning of adult life for many people. It can feel like a marked end of childhood and the entry to the working world, which is why a personal gift can be very appreciated by the recipient. A DVD featuring home movies from childhood and teenage years is the perfect way to round off this part of the recipient’s life, and this can be presented with photos of more recent years, or even images of their parents’ graduations to make it even more special. Present this as a DVD or even on a USB, neatly presented in a box with an appropriate photo on the top, for a stylish and modern gift that will always be remembered.

Special Birthdays

As we grow each day, life ticks on, passing us by. Once we reach milestones in our life, such a big birthday, the cause for celebration is great. But what can you present to a loved one who is celebrating reaching such a fantastic point in the timeline of their life? Why not consolidate a number of their most hilarious moments that you have caught on VHS through the years, and give them a time-capsule gift that will enable them to look back on their stunning life in technicolour. For a present they will never forget, splicing together a collection of their favoured memories will prove most delightful.

At Video 2 DVD transfers we are able to take all of your treasured memories from VHS and turn old VHS tapes into DVD so that they can be enjoyed far into the future. The quality is carefully preserved so that your memories are just as sharp today as they were then, and you can choose from DVD or USB format depending on your requirements. Contact us today to find out more.