How to Convert your Wedding Video to DVD

Many of us still own libraries of old VHS tapes that sit on shelves gathering dust and are never watched. However, for many couples, there is one exception to this rule – their wedding video. Even if your wedding video is a slightly grainy affair that was recorded on a primitive camera, odds are that you’d like to have it in a format that you can actually play for years to come. Transferring your wedding video to DVD or a digital format gives you back your video in a form that you can continue to watch easily, whenever the urge strikes.

How Long Will it Take to Convert your Wedding Video?

Naturally, many people are a little nervous about sending their wedding video off in the post to have it converted. Fortunately, the conversion process is relatively quick and simple, although it requires specialist equipment. If you pay for a priority service, you’ll generally have your original VHS and your shiny new DVD or digital copy of your wedding video in your hands within a week.

Why Should I Transfer My Wedding Video Now?

Even if you’re lucky enough to still have a VHS recorder that will play your wedding video, it’s still worth transferring your wedding video as soon as possible. Firstly, it’s quite tricky to buy new VHS recorders nowadays. No major manufacturer still produces them for the home market and that means you’ll struggle to find a replacement if your current one develops any issues.

Most importantly, the quality of VHS tapes degrades over time and with every play. You’ll notice problems start to appear on an older video that has been played many times. Whilst a remastering process can deal with some of these problems, it isn’t bulletproof. Transfer your video to DVD now and your digital copy will remain free of any problems that might develop on the original tape in the future. Your wedding is never going to happen again and if you only have one copy of the video, then it’s important to make the transfer before its too late.


Transferring your wedding video to DVD is a simple way to ensure that your precious memories remain available forever. It’s a quick and simple process and removes the risk of you losing memories of the happiest day of your life to the degradation of VHS tape. Please contact us to get the process started.