The Best and Worst Movie Trailers

A movie trailer has the important job of wowing the audience in two minutes. The intended aim is to draw the audience into wanting to watch the film without giving everything away. The average movie trailer will include an outline of the films genre, cast and plot without giving away the whole story, helping you to decide that this film is a must watch for you.

Trailers are impressive, as they have the power to make a bad movie look amazing, whilst also making a good movie look awful. Some have worked fantastically whilst others have failed at this task. Here is a list of some of the best and worst movie trailers:

The Best

Sausage Party (2016)

This trailer had a lot of people talking after its release. It begins cheery and upbeat, then transforms into a horror of (food) torture. The comedic aspect of the films unique plot worked well with getting a lot of people wanting to watch this film. The trailer did its job fantastically.

Jackie (2016)

The close up and personal focus of the star, Natalie Portman, shows the audience the true beauty, horror, and intimacy of this biopic.  We are beginning to see through the eyes of the First Lady; Jackie Kennedy, in the aftermath, as America witnessed a tragedy, setting the tone of the film. The soundtrack draws the audience in and fills us with emotion.

Star Wars Episode 1: Phantom Menace (1999)

This is a prime example of how a bad movie looked extremely good. This long-awaited Star Wars film was a huge disappointment to all those fans of the franchise. Nobody would have guessed the film would have received the reviews it did following its much-anticipated trailer. George Lucas himself stated the film was overhyped and couldn’t live up to its expectations, but I think we all agree that the acting and dialogue were just that bad.

The Worst

Passengers (2016)

This trailer doesn’t offer much, there’s nothing exciting or romantic in it at all, and we can go as far to say that the trailer is quite boring. Luckily, it’s guaranteed that audiences will watch the film due to the two titular actors of Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. I’m sure there’s many of us hoping the film offers a lot more than what the trailer does.

Jack & Jill (2011)

This trailer can give you nightmares. Not only does it star Adam Sandler, it stars Adam Sandler dressed as a woman who Al Pacino is attracted to. It even sounds awful. Jack & Jill is considered to be one of the worst films ever made following its 10 Razzie awards. Its trailer gives it no justice what so ever.

C Me Dance (2009)

The trailer for C Me dance is just an example of genre-mashing gone wrong in film. To be fair, the film doesn’t really give the trailer much to work on, but still, it could have avoided the bad acting and wooden dialogue some more. The trailer starts softly, following a terminally ill girl who happens to be an amazing dancer, then the film turns into a satanic horror. This is a trailer you won’t forget, but not in a good way.

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