From Book to Film: Does Film Rule Over Books?

As technology changes and we become more and more a part of the world of technology, the never ending question of “are films taking over books?” is at the back of our minds. You might hear people saying they would prefer to wait for the film, or they don’t have time to read a book, and would rather watch the film. Living amongst a generation of technology, and more books becoming movie adaptions, what are the arguments to kick back and take in the visuals or read the lines and visualise it yourself?

 Creative Restrictions

One may argue that when you watch a film, your creativeness has a dead end. The creativeness that your brain can unleash is restricted, and all the hard work is done for you. But is this really such a bad thing? With the advancement in technology and CGI, the visuals can be constructed at a greater scale than ever before. We live in a modern age where mythical monsters and beasts can come to life before our eyes. Whether you digest a book or two, or prefer a movie, surely everyone wants to experience these cinematic wonders.


Time is on Your Side

A movie can last approximately three hours, whereas reading a novel can push your time to days, weeks and for some people months. Dependant on how much free time you have, the reality of the day and age we live in, is that we are all very busy. Even a 9-to-5 can limit your activities and finding time to get into a good book is a difficulty for some people. You can watch a film from beginning to end in an hour and a half most of the time, and still find time to do everything else you need to do, and more. Plus you can multitask when watching a movie! Ironing and reading a book at the same time would be a skill, to say the least.

Music and Visuals

No matter how many books you read, articles you recite, or e-books you scroll through, there are certain aspects you will never get from the words in your hands. Music and sound effects are basically impossible through written word. Of course, your imagination does this for you, but imagine reading Les Miserables, or a West Side story? It doesn’t quite work the same. Although these are both books, the music could be said to make these productions great works of art, and have gained the reputation they have today. 

Movie Employment

Have you ever sat through the end credits of a film? That’s because the film industry supplies jobs to millions of people around the world, whereas it takes on person to write a book. There is dispute that one person could make a film, and with the changes in technology and movie making, this is even more possible than before. With machines printing books and the whole process being very automated, as well as e-books becoming bigger and bigger, the writing, editing, and publishing could all be done by one person. If a book is developed into a movie, the amount of people who would get a creative and fulfilling job would be high.

Social Aspect

You could sit around in a circle and read a book as a group and there’s book clubs or groups that can be great social experiences, but there is argument to suggest whether a cinema trip, or a movie night in, is a more socially pleasing experience. Movies are a great conversation topic, and can kick start a thousand conversations; from the actors, to the script, and down to the cinematography.

In the world of film, many scripts are adapted from books, and great ones at that. The world of film could not have half of the amazing productions we have seen today if it weren’t for the authors that took the time and effort to write down their stories. Watching a film and reading a book could be seen on completely different ends of the spectrum, but the question is… are you going to wait for the film?

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