The End of an Era: The Last VCR

In an age where social media and modern technologies rule the roost, the VHS tape and the VCR have become the acronyms that time forgot. Those of us that do remember them look back at them with both fond memories and minor frustration.


A Gift

Receiving a VHS as a birthday or Christmas present was an incredibly exciting thing. They were chunky, weighty, and, when lined up on bookshelf, showed a brief insight into your artistic tastes. Even more exciting was going to a video rental store and picking your selection for the weekend. It became an occasion for the family to watch a film together. In their peak, it took quite a bit longer for a film to come out on VHS after its release at the cinema, and then there was another wait for it to be available to purchase.

In comparison to today’s DVDs and Blu-rays, VHS tapes were quite expensive – nowadays you can pick up a DVD for a couple of pounds from various websites!


Despite the recent take-over by DVDs, there are still some VHS tapes that have not made it over to the shinier side. This is why the work that we do here at Video2DVD Transfers can be so important. You don’t want to lose those precious films and memories, just because the format you have them in is no longer supported.


As mentioned, there were a few elements to the VHS that make us both cringe and laugh today. For example that loud and exaggerated mechanical noise made by the VCR as it welcomed the VHS in is imprinted in our collective memory, as is the annoyance of having to wind up the magnetic tape when the machine decided to chew it up.

While the era of the VHS has come to an end with the news that the last VCR has now been made, it was certainly an important step allowing us to enjoy both cinema and home films within our living rooms. Please contact us today to see how we can help you transfer your old tapes to a more modern format. Use our code Summer10 for 10% off your order!