The Success of TV Shows

With hundreds of TV shows available to watch, how do any of them become successful by holding audiences’ attention? Storytelling and visually astonishing TV shows fill our TV screens, successfully conveying the message behind the episodes.

But what makes a show survive its infancy period and become a staple recommended by friends and families?

Production Techniques Behind TV Shows

TV Shows like Hannibal captivate audiences with their breath-taking visuals and camera angles. The use of richly saturated colours and dark shadows compliment the intelligence behind the storyline and sets. Mr Robot is a series focusing on a young programmer whose day job is being a cyber-security engineer, while being a vigilante hacker by night. The use of angles and the framing of certain objects suggests to audiences the intricacies of what the characters are going through.

TV shows that capture people’s hearts and attentions often represent real issues and struggles, with exciting and beautiful writing behind the scripts. Throw exceptional camera work into the mix and you have a recipe for a show that makes you want to binge watch it. TV shows like The Wire manage to trigger conversations about race relations and inequality, producing astonishing episodes with dramatic influence over the real world.

Upcoming TV shows have managed to do just that and keep the excitement buzzing in audiences:

Luke Cage (30th September 2016)

Following the success of recent Marvel TV shows, the upcoming Luke Cage takes place a few months after the events of Jessica Jones. Captivating due to its very real world issues with a touch of fantasy in the mix, Luke Cage is a promising show that many look forward to seeing before Marvel’s The Defenders, which will unite separate storylines and character development.

Westworld (2nd October 2016)

Inspired by the 1973 film with the same name, Westworld is a science fiction thriller that explores the “dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin”. As a very possible future outcome of our own technological and sociological development, Westworld has captured the interest of the audiences who wish for a glance at humanity’s future.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (25th November 2016)

The revival of the much beloved TV show, Gilmore Girls is a highly anticipated series fans were hoping for. Providing the wished for closure to the characters’ stories, fans have a chance to return to the world of Rory and Lorelai that for seven seasons felt like family. In this case, success will be determined by how well they manage to satiate the audience’s nostalgia while still offering something new.

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