Shooting Video Outdoors: What Does Spring Offer Amateur Film Makers?

As we head into spring and the weather starts to warm up, you might be considering heading outside to film what could become the next big blockbuster.

There is something about this time of year that inspires amateur film makers to pick up their equipment and head for outside. The sun definitely plays a huge part in getting people outdoors, but what else does spring have to offer for these budding film makers?



The most obvious advantage of shooting outside during the spring is the weather. The sun gives you the opportunity to get everything you need, without having to worry about freezing your fingers and toes.

Just remember that spring weather can be a little temperamental; April especially is known as being hit and miss when it comes to rain. Use this to your advantage if planning on shooting anything in the rain, or stick to late spring (May) if you want sunnier weather!



Whilst filming in winter does have some benefits, you often feel like you’re constantly chasing daylight. This is why a lot of film makers prefer shooting during the spring, as the mornings get brighter and it doesn’t get dark until much later in the evening. This provides the perfect conditions for you to spend the whole day outside – it will easily cut down your shooting schedule by a couple of days!


Perfect Temperature

We’ve said that film makers often choose spring for the weather and the daylight, but these are also things that make summer an option too. So what sets them apart? We believe that this is the temperature. Temperatures in summer can often be a little too hot, which can make filming outside for long periods comfortable. Spring, on the other hand, is warm without the heat of summer. You can spend time outside without being too hot or too cold.


Room to Overrun

Filming never goes exactly to plan, something that you’ll definitely experience as an amateur film maker. Things go wrong, stuff crops up and you sometimes have to overrun with your filming schedule. Something that was meant to take two months could end up taking two more.

This is why spring is the perfect season to film. If you do overrun into summer, the conditions are going to be very similar and you’ll still have extended daylight in the evening. Imagine filming in autumn and having it go into winter? You’ll find yourself chasing that daylight constantly!


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