Kind of a Big Deal: How to Turn Your Home Movie Night into an Event

Ok, so after transferring video to DVD or USB, you’ll have your awesome home movies ready to launch at a moment’s notice, right? And that’s great – but those movie memories are just the beginning. After all, they’re the sort of special moments that need to be shared.

With that in mind, we thought we’d look at a few top tips to turning your home movie viewing experience into a seriously ace event.


Plan Ahead

Great films aren’t just conjured up out of thin air. The Oscars doesn’t just happen when Steven Spielberg clicks his fingers (Although it’d be impressive if it did). These things take time, and planning. And your movie night shouldn’t be any difference. Make sure you know who’s coming, what you’ll need – like snacks and seating – and, most importantly, that everything works! Check your home movie plays perfectly, that the screen size is set up correctly, and that all you’ll need to do once settled is press play.

Red Carpet Treatment

When you think of movie premieres, what do you think? Bit of glitz, dash of glamour, and some real red carpet treatment, right? Well, you can do exactly the same. Design and print some cool-looking invitations, maybe with a film reel bordering the invite, or create a cinema ticket unique to your home movie. If you want to go even further, you could set up some red curtains in front of the TV screen, or have your guests dress up in tuxedos and evening dresses. Oh yes, guests – that reminds us…

Invite the Audience

Sure, you could enjoy your home video by yourself – and there’s nothing wrong with that. But imagine how much better it’ll be to relive those movies with an actual audience, made up of friends, family, and film stars – or home movie stars, at least, unless you’re brother is George Clooney! That shared experience won’t only mean that Uncle Paul’s ‘Baloo the Bear Dance’ is even funnier when you watch it back, it’ll also strengthen those family and friendship bonds.

Bring the Popcorn

Know what every good movie night needs? Popcorn. Heaps and heaps of popcorn. Bowls of the stuff; toffee, sugar and salted popcorn. And pretty much any other drinks and snacks you can think of, like chocolates, Coke and cheeses (if you’re a savoury sort of character). This creates a real sense drama for the evening, and adds to the illusion of settling down for a Hollywood epic. As an added bonus, you’ll also come across as the perfect host – earning serious family brownie points.

Hit the Lights

Watching a soap opera or the latest ITV drama in the lounge on a regular night is all well and good. You’ll probably be stretched out on the sofa, and have the lamps on low. But when you go to the movies, you sit in the dark, which not only focuses your attention on the big screen, but also adds to the epic atmosphere of the evening. So do the same at home, because the effect will be the same. You can all still chatter away, but the emphasis will be on that home movie playing on TV.

Enjoy the Film

That’s what you’re there for, after all. To kick back, relax, and revel in those awesome home movie moments. So enjoy every single second, and every single frame of it, with the ones you love.


Now, with a little inspiration for your own home movie film night, you’re good to roll. Whatever type of video your old home movies were filmed on, we’ll carry out a quality service converting your videos on to DVD so the whole family can enjoy them together. If you’d like to know more about what we do, and what we can do for you, simply contact us on 0800 592 433 and our experience team will be delighted to help.